A level based on a scene from Samurai Champloo.  Should be a fairly easy, early-game-type level.


Music Credits

Pirate ship:
"Maiden's Capricio" - Morrigan

Underwater sections:
"Obokuri Eeumi" - Heisenberg Uncertainty Players

Netherworld (where Mugen is):
"Obokuri Eeumi" - xxwhispers/Paulina L.

level finish
"History of the Moon" - FlameZero16


There is a character who addresses Demo by name, but I don't know if that is enough to enforce Demo-only on the level.

EDIT July 14:  Removed Demo's name from dialog, removed invisible blocks from the area Septentrion found confusing (replaced their functionality with nogravity flag for the NPCs they were holding up) to get rid of an unnecessarily confusing element.


Accept with changes Video of playthrough

It looks like only a small character can go through the lava part. I suggest makeing it a demo only level, and change that part a bit so the player isn't screw over.

I don't understand the joke part, but the movement in the area was confusing as hell.

How to make a super effective filter

Accepted with changes.

  • I would make the boat sink a bit faster than it already is, since you kind of have to wait for it to happen. You can also move up the warps that are in the water, which is something I would as well. Lastly, I'd probably have the 'sinking' message come up automatically instead of making the player hit it. 
  • Is there someway to make it so it's impossible to interact with Mouser? One can easily jump onto the other ship and become confused as to where they should go next. 
  • I actually was able to complete the second section with Sheath on my 1st try, so I wouldn't have to worry about a character filter.
  • The second section itself is kind of bland, there's nothing really interesting to see and it all looks really similar. Could you spice up this section with some scenery by chance like you did with the very bottom of this section?
  • The most very right black angel (sorry, I'm pretty sure it's a reference to something but I don't know what that is) is different from the other ones since it'll face the player where the player is, making it look different from the others. I don't know if that was intentional or not though.
  • Add more scenery to the fourth section. It's starts out pretty good but then it becomes bland again.

Neat idea, but there's a lot of things you can still do with this level. Right now I'd see it as a cool transition level between worlds. But yeah, accepted with some changes.

-sturgyman 3:38 PM 8/9/2013 (MDT)


I've decided to withdraw this level from A2MBXT.  

The level was intended to mimic the mood of a specific scene from Samurai Champloo, where a character nearly drowns after being on a ship that is blown up.  I thought a vacated/empty/lifeless feeling was appropriate to try to translate the part of the scene where the character is passively sinking and losing consciousness.  As a result, I tried designing the descent without any enemies or moving parts.  The ascent was then after regaining consciousness and fighting back up to the surface through a normal underwater environment.

Unfortunately, the mood doesn't translate very well, and the level itself is not interesting enough to stand on its own.  Especially if the player is not familiar with the reference, I don't think I've managed to convey the proper atmosphere, and the level instead just comes across as lackluster gameplay.  

Thank you to all the reviewers for your help and for your suggestions for improvement.  I've decided to withdraw rather than re-design the level because I think doing what is needed to improve it would ultimately take the level away from what it was intended to be, and would not accomplish what I set out to do with the level.  Perhaps it could work better with an established in-game context and with some more design experience, but I don't think I can make it work as intended within the context of this game.


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