A level in which you must guide the key to the lock. However, the journey isn't just your own, but the key's as well.

If possible, the secondary exit should be a useless or not very helpful one. A short cut backwards is fine too, but it probably shouldn't advance the world map at all. It's meant as a joke exit.

-Updated - October 9, 2015

Added a midpoint and made it tougher to accidentally lose a key.


You can get the Blue Sack, but you can't seem to get it out of the level since you need to get out of it to use the key on the door.

However, I'm still gonna reject it simple because it's way too easy to loose your only key by accidentally throwing it into lava. Also, I found section 5 really dumb, since all but one of your options trap your, and force you to die and restart the level from the beginning. Also, the music seems to constantly change for no real reason. -SAJewers | 14:14 ADT, September 21, 2015

Rejected by Pyro

Rejected by 8flight

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