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A short stroll turns out to not be so short after all. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TESTERS: Make sure that none of the exits before the real one (in the grasslands) can be gotten as they will break the level. Try any method you can think of to get them.


Version 3.6

  • Lowered the lava above the Namihe-X pipes so the player couldn't get "pixelled" on the edges.
  • Extended the grass in the first section so it's less likely impatient players will miss the first jump.
  • Overhauled the uber-piranha plant graphics.

Version 3.5

  • Overhauled most of the graphics.

Version 3.1

  • Changed the music to match the final build of the engine.

Version 3

  • Added some events to restrict the visible screen prior to getting the fake goal orb. This will prevent bypassing it and continuing the level.
  • Added an event that will not make the rest of the level appear until the player has walked slightly to the right of the former orb's location.
  • Raised the final two fireball plant pipe so the jump doesn't temporarily become blind.
  • Moved Lakitu to the right so he won't appear until after the Namihe-Xs
  • Added a grinder to the first net as a replacement for the lost challenge of Lakitu.
  • Added a giant piranha plant between the first and second nets as a replacement for the lost challenge of Lakitu.
  • Removed the top wooden block from the right hand side of the skull ride section to prevent the player getting stuck on it or glitching through it.

Version 2

  • Removed the gap between the pipe and the ground in the first section of the cave.
  • Replaced the giant piranha plants with two fireball spitting piranha plants each.



  • Black Piranha Plants by Red Yoshi. Palette altered by Doctor Shemp.
  • Black Pipes by Road Runner
  • Dark Cave background objects by Zephyr
  • Disco Demo Head by darkychao
  • Hieroglyphs by michelfp
  • Igneous Gray Rocks from Super Mario World (ripped and converted to SMBX by Valtteri)
  • Lakitu (with raocow head) by darkychao. Slightly modified by Doctor Shemp.
  • Namihe-X from Metroid Fusion (ripped and converted to SMBX by green stache). Palette altered by Doctor Shemp.
  • Poison Water by cool mario bros
  • Shroob Boo by Tonberry2k. Eyes removed by Doctor Shemp.
  • SR388 Caves background from Metroid Fusion (ripped and converted to SMBX by tango_311 & Red Yoshi)
  • All other non-devkit graphics by Doctor Shemp.


  • Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return (PS1) - Time Stopped


I approve.  Easy-Medium difficulty. I like how you have shorter plants at the beginning. Rushing is your friend in this level.


Approved - Frozelar