This level revolves around changing characters to take advantage of each character's unique abilities to overcome obstacles. At each step you are allowed to choose from any of the five characters, based on what you need for the task.

In the second half, you utilize character swapping to switch between powerups obtained during the first half, using combinations of characters and powerups to proceed.


  • Custom graphics and music.
  • More interesting terrain in some parts, particularly in the cave.
  • More optional hints, feedback would be useful here.
  • Text boxes to establish setting.
  • Probably add some stuff to the ending section.

Other Stuff

Download v2 (Updated 6/18)

Looks like at least two other people had a similar idea to mine (I haven't looked through all of the levels). I think there are enough differences to set them apart though.

Version Notes

Version 2

  • Allow player to return from the main room to choose a different character.
  • Removed spikes from main room since it is no longer possible to get trapped.
  • Switched out munchers for spikes to make Sheath's part easier.
  • Added extra spikes for Sheath's jumps to make it slightly easier.
  • Reworked the transition room as it wasn't actually doing what it was supposed to do before.
  • Swapped a bunch of blocks for background tiles to help with overflow issues.
  • Added npcs with some extra hints.


This level is so confusing. I couldn't actually beat it because of that. This level just makes no sense. -SAJewers | 21:43 ADT, November 2, 2015

Rejected -Rusbojis | November 2, 2015

REJECTED - It's not clear what you have to do. Jumping onto one-block platforms under time limit is super stressful. And was I supposed to use all the characters? Because I coudln't for the life of me figure out how Demo, Sheath or raocow could get up onto the first platform. If you're going to do figure which character does what, then the puzzle room needs to be large enough that the player can see it all in one go. - Ztarwuff 12/11/2015

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