Thought I'd make a pipe maze. Not much else to say, really. Contains a joke exit.

Revision Notes

v2 - 21/09/2014

- Fixed cut off.

- Removed LunaDLL.txt

- Added extra clues as to the correct route through the maze.

v3 - 02/11/2014

- Prevented player from jumping up into the section with the Green Village Furba.

- Changed the second half to give the players more hints as to which path to take.

- Added a small plot to justify going throug the sewers.

v4 - 26/12/2015

- Shifted pipes around in the second half so that the path should be a bit more obvious. Now, in theory, you should only need to stop and take a look at your surroundings to figure out which path to take. The original gimmick is still there for anybody who wishes to figure it out.

v5 - 29/12/2015

- Noticed some weird layering issues and suddenly realised the orange room is confusing.

Reviews Mk II

I liked this level, though I feel as if there was a gimmick to this level that I wasn't understanding. The toads kept mentioning a colour pattern, but I never could figure out what they meant, and what it was for. I feel like I might have actidently solved the puzzle. Either your puzzle is a bit too obtuse, or you confused me with a Red Herring. Still approving it though. -SAJewers | 23:23 ADT, December 25, 2015

Approved - FrozenQuills

Reviews (I)

Oh boy pipe mazes.

Seriously though, while most of the level plays just fine, I can't stand a pipe maze. The end bit is pretty horrible. It's not obvious that the level is asking you to remember a color sequence, and even then who wants to do that while handling legit platforming? The level is adamant that you go back if you're not sure what the sequence is, but you're essentially asking the player to just replay the stage, which isn't optimal.

I brute forced the entire "maze," sequence at the end. It's not fun. The rest of the level is fine, and I had fun with it, but even if it's a better-designed pipe maze than most, it's still a pipe maze. The areas in that sequence aren't even safe. You'd be a lot better off just making it a pipe-themed level with something to replace the maze sequence.

Also, I think the music could probably be more fitting. It's a song that I, personally, equate with a more forest-y level, though that could just be me on this one. Also hearing the Lullaby everywhere isn't really the best for the song.

Aside from the ending, though, this level is absolutely solid.

- Sedron

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