1. Create your NPC, to SMBX Specifications. We prefer 2x2 resolution over 1x1, but will accept 1x1.
  2. Upload the graphic somewhere, preferably one where it will not dissapear.
  3. Add it to the list, along with (optionally) a prefered World (or the HUB) and prefered text. NOTE: it is not guranteed that you will be placed in your prefered world, or using your prefered text)

Town designers: when you use an NPC, please note it in the Used? section with the location.

Towns currently with wiki pages

Username Graphic Prefered World Prefered Text Used?
Shaman Download HUB (closest to the end, maybe after it) And we did it again! HUB (Floor 1)
Willhart Download 7 Keep up the positive attitude. World 7 (Spirebase Hotel Room 202 - Quas)
Heavy Sigh Download 4 Yeesh, it's c-cold...Hey, have you seen a r-robot around? Red armor, blonde, s-stabs all his problems. We k-kind of need him to f-film the fourth sequel and-Hey wait come back! World 4 (On the descending slope in the direction of McCain's house)
Heavy Sigh Download 7 How can it be this hard to find a guy that literally stabs everything he sees...there should be zero chance of missing him! World 7 (Spirebase Hotel Room 103 - Bond)
Docopoper Download 2 You should play Rayman 1 at some point.                                     Seriously - more people need to experience Space Mama. World 2 (Near the library's fiction wing.)
Isrieri Download N/A I'm really hungry. Please send me sandwiches. Preferably a reuben or tomato panini. World 2 (Just outside the library.)
Septentrion Pleiades Download 4

-*Oh no, public speaking! Say something about boobs to keep in character.*-

Hi, I hope you enjoy my levels. could read the asterisks part, couldn't you? Thoughts are suppose to be private!

World 4 (Next to the entrance of the Shyguy elevator.)
Septentrion Pleiades Same as above 9

So you defeated the final boss? I made him. It was a mixure of miscommunication and people thinking my stuff was hard that got me the job.

He's actually sort of easy in my opinion. I'm planning on having more bullet hell in the future.

World 9 (Pipe near the top)
CastlePokemetroid Download 1

Oh hai. My forum avatar is something I've been using at the end of my youtube videos since 2006, it's pretty great.

I like how circular and symetrical it is, makes it hard to look at sometimes. haha

World 1 (Bottom House, Above Ground)
Mabel Download 5 Man did you see that guy? he was all stab stab stab...Why are cities so stab-happy? World 5 (back alley)
Ometeotl Download 5 You should be playing Xenoblade right now instead of this silly game.

... Go. NOW.

World 5 (back alley)
Willhart Download 6 Let the music reach your heart. World 6 (Cave)
Jolpengammler Download 8

Let's hope that this time not everyone hates the difficulty of my levels! 

(In order to beat my levels you have to drink a carton of currant juice)

World 8
Dragondraikk Download 3 Everyone's dancing furiously!

Come on, join in! Get down with the music!

World 3 (Dance club)

darkychao Download none Wow, this

<insert body of water here> sure is wet and/or conveniently placed

World 1 (Bridge)
Demolition Download 4 This painting freaks you out, the eyes follow you wherever you go. World 4 (Steve the Goopa's house)
Avojaifnot Download 4 And, for some strange reason, Jim Dale came suddenly into the video game. HUB (Floor 2)
MonkeyShrapnel Download 2 I've got no witty remarks to spout out, I'm just happy to be a part of this community, which community am I talking about? Isn't it obvious? I'm sure you'll figure it out. In the meantime, go enjoy the game, I'll just be here in my corner. World 2 (At the back of the third floor of the library.)
MonkeyShrapnel Download 8

Hey there, it's me again. Ever figure out the answer to my question?

Well, ever heard of this guy named Raocow?

Everyone here thinks that he's just the cat's meow but he hides a terrible secret.

That secret is (Censored)!

Uhh...what was I talking about?

in world 8


Download None

The future is so bright that I have to wear SHADES!

...Actually, the reason I'm wearing these shades is because I have no hands with which to remove them.

Wait... then how did I put them on in the first place?

HUB (Floor 1)

Doctor Shemp

I appear to have lost the file. It's the same one as was in ASMBXT. Whichever World has the level Blue Surfer in it (World 6) Blue Surfing is a dangerous hobby. If I were you I'd practice in a blue boot first. It's no fun for anyone when rides end too quickly. World 6 (Cave)


Download 1 I got flipped over a long time ago. Don't ask how. World 1 (cafe)
WiiRool Download - Never iron the pants you're wearing! HUB (Floor 2)
Ztarwuff Please use sign NPC Ztarwuff's pixels are still compiling... Please come back later. HUB (Staff Room)
Mikkofier Download World 2 Greetings! I would like to sincerely apologize for the lameness of the final boss of World 2. He was only going to apply for a lowly mini-boss position, but instead got the job of end of world boss for being the only applicant. World 2 (In the train station, next to the schedule)
Vergalon Download After 'Take it What Now?'

Oh, this exists?

Seems like Rao can't escape red and white mikos these days, no mater what he ends up playing.

I can [proudly] say that I contributed to this (problem).

World 6 (Cave)
Narolas Download 2 Beep Boop, i'm a robot. I was created to be good at making avatars ... i'm a failure. *robot tears* World 2 (Library antechamber)
Phencer42 Download 6 Why am I so tiny? Somebody get me a mushroom! World 1 (cafe)
AUS Download World 4 First my helicopter, now this? World 4 (On the very top of the repository)
Horikawa Otane Download Any Well, I am an American. My avatar is required by Subsection 2 of Paragraph 3 of the Constitution to have a gun. HUB (Floor 1)
Frozelar Download Any


I was in the ocean but then I lost it

Have a good day

World 1(cafe)
Tayeu Download 7 Hi! I'm Boom-Boom's little brother, Bewm-Bewm. Watch how high I can jump! World 7 (Left of Spire Heights)
GanonTEK Download Any Hi there, any idea where I could find the Triforce?

World 2 (between the tables before the info desk)

Menshay Download Anywhere near a leek sanctuary I grew these leeks myself. World 1 (As Requested)


Download Any Town beyond GanonTEK's

psst... Don't tell Ganon I'm here.

World 6 (Cave)
Mikkofier Download 3 Whoo! My first level ever got accepted! Did you know you that in Nice and Easy, if you're small, you can just slide down the last slope and the level will beat itself? HUB (Floor 1)
Maiku Wotaharu Download Any You know, even though I've had about a year and a half to think about it, I still want "NEATS TO YOU, CRIME BOSS MAN JELL-O!" on my tombstone!

Wolrd 8


Axon Download Anywhere Whoa, dude! I'm in a VIDEO GAME!! That's like, the most radical thing since swiss cheese. HUB (Floor 1)
Phoba555 Download Anywhere Don't tell anyone this but ties are pretty much the hottest thing of the season. Seriously, why don't you have one? HUB (Floor 1)
KingTwelveSixteen Download Anywhere

Despite appearing so, I am not - in fact - actually the moon.

Also I totally didn't turn in my avatar super late shut up.

Hoeloe Download Anywhere I'm having problems with my spaceship and will not go to space today. Probably.

Darkonius Mavakar    Download     World 2                 Yeah... that was my level, i hope you enjoyed it.                                                                                         Also the boss is totally not mother brain!1!!11!

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