Story Overview

Upon returning to their Master, Demo and Iris learn that the Super Leeks powering the ship have been stolen. After meeting up with Kood, who warns them about dimensional instability and other weird stuff going on, they round up raocow and Sheath and set off to find the culprits behind these incidents.

In the resulting adventure, the Siblings are inadvertently freed from the captivity of the evil(?) Dr. Lakutivich and proceed to antagonize Demo and company across multiple worlds.

After defeating the siblings one by one and freeing them from their mind control, the heroes learn from Science that the Siblings were using the Super Leeks to prevent reality from destabilizing, only for Pandamona to arrive and destroy them; in the resulting collapse of the A Universe Thing everyone seemingly dies except for Sheath, who is given the Sacred Turtle Dove by Science to protect her from the Post-Production Void and sent back in time and/or space to somehow prevent the events of the game from happening.


  • Tutorial: (Video link)
    • Introduces the characters.
  • Intro cutscene (Video link)
    • Demo and Iris return to their Master's ship and learn that the Super Leeks powering the ship have been stolen. They unload the leeks they're carrying into the backup generator and the Master sends them back out to recover the super leeks.
    • Back down on the World 1 planet, Kood suddenly warps in from another dimension. After a bunch of exposition about magic rings, weird memory shenanigans and some guy named Kering, he requests their help to save the universe; someone is collecting energy sources to power a portal generator, and the resulting portals are tearing apart reality. Deciding this person is the one who stole the super leeks, the trio tracks down raocow and Sheath and begins their adventure. 
  • Another Castle (Video Link)
    • Demo and company storm Another Castle and rescue Pal and Bowser from the tyrranical Princess Peach, retrieving a super leek.  They then proceed to launch the castle into the talkhaus.
  • End of World 1 Cutscene (Video link)
    • Demo and company come across an interdimensional tear.  Kood explains that he probably traveled through one such warp under the protection of his magic ring, and suggests they steer clear of it.
  • Start of World 2 Cutscene (Video link)
    • After arriving in the forest world, Kood begins another exposition dump but Demo and the others complain.  Feed soon arrives to explain away Kood's "amnesia": he swapped places with another Kood. Or something. Everyone except Kood is satisfied with this explanation, but he decides to drop the subject after growing frustrated with the others' disinterest in the plot.
  • Sheath Partakes in an Interlude (Video link)
    • While the others continue searching in the forest, Sheath wanders off to the cave of mysteries in Hyrule. She ends up defeating the guardian within and obtains a super leek.
  • End of World 2 Cutscene (Video link)
    • Sheath charges forward through Ganon's castle, unknowingly killing Link in the process.  After tanking a hit to bypass a wall of fire, she meets Princess Zelda and is declared the new hero of time.

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