---- VERSION 1 2014-08-23 ----
Zip file of Version 1 of this stage.
YT Video of the music in version 1 of this level.

Was beaten in 30 seconds by 8flight, who suggested making it longer or calling it an intro stage. I'm alright with either, but either way the level will be lengthened.

VERSION 2 2014-08-31 ---- 

Zip file of Version 2 of this stage

The music did not change


Level is longer

Added a Boom Boom and some connected Layer Shenanigans

Added a buried POW block near where the second Raocoin is located.

VERSION 3 2014-10-25 

Zip file of Version 3 of this stage

The music did not change.


Modified the Sand Temple entrance to actually look like a building instead of just a block of wood.

Moved some things around; added an Ice Cream and a Stop Watch

Lowered the first powerup block and removed one of the powerups (since you're probably getting Ice right before then anyway)

Modified the Boom Boom fight so that he no longer can go out of bounds; he can still get "stuck" to a degree but can at least get out this time.

VERSION 4 2015-09-27

Zip file of version 4 of this stage.


Lowered the first powerup block.

Modified the Boom Boom fight; he now no longer can get stuck.

Moved the 5th raocoin; you now must have flight to reach it, and Boom Boom must be defeated to get it. added a buried Spinach; powerup in Boss Arena is now a fireflower.

Extended land borders to 3 blocks offscreen.

Moved the midpoint left a section.


You need to extend your lands 3 blocks offscreen. Also ,the midpoint feels lopsided. Fix those, and I'll approve. -SAJewers | 21:10 ADT, September 25, 2015 Now Approved. -SAJewers | 15:14 ADT, September 27, 2015

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 09 2015)

Approved by Pyro

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