I restrict the character to raocow because Demo and Iris can freeze enemies/other stuff by walking into them while holding an ice ball, and toad controlls similarly.


Rejected. The first Goopa continues to throw snowballs after you kill it. This feels way too hard, especially considering you don't give the playerr a lot of powerups, and a number of enemies can't be killed from snowballs. Because of those enemies, it makes the lava sections more harder than it needs to be, since most of the time you won't have the ice powerup, and the enemies prevent you from going back to get a snowball; that makes the "freeze the lava" gimmick alsmost of an afterthought for the player.

This just feels way too hard for all the wrong reasons.-SAJewers | 15:58 ADT, September 29, 2015

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 24 2015)

Rejected by Pyro

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