Eh, sorry, but I didn't really like this level. It was glitchy, difficult, and overall just not fun for me. The 1st section itself was probably the biggest hassle of the level. The layers move way too fast for the player, which can cause several things to happen. One, the land masses will somehow 'shoot' Demo forward in some glitchy fashion; two, slide-jumps occasionally work but not always in which Demo 'hops' down the slope; third, the level moves to fast for Demo's jump and over-shoots or misses a platform; and finally, a lot of times Demo isn't able to gain enough momentum for jumps. There are other issues with the first section, such as the many SMB3 muncher-plants that sometimes stay on the screen and evidentially kill Demo. Another thing were the skull platforms near the end, they glitch out WAY too much and barely work due to the moving layer. The yellow switch portion of the level was also pointless as the player could easily jump past that part onto the next platform. The 1st section overall was just tedious memorization of the level, since the player's movements are limited and death is easily accomplished, which in my opinion is not fun. I would personally redo this section 

The cave section was hilariously easier and fairly bland actually, but a lot more fun due to the fact on how simplistic it was. Though, it did seem kind of pointless since there isn't really anything threatening about this section (besides the vines) and it just seems like filler before the midpoint. 

Speaking of the mid-point, it's pretty dumb you have to wait six seconds before you do anything. It's just pointless and time-consuming for the player. Also, it looks strange to have a random platform generator from the side, make it look like it's coming out from something, or make it generate upwards to fix that.

The second half is strangely easier, however, this due to the fact that it's much shorter and can be broken easily. The cat power-up can be used to easily bypass the jumping on the bullet bills and get to the end easily. One thing I didn't like about this section was that you don't really have time to get on the blue block the 1st time you run through the level. I had no idea what to do until I talked to Mr. Toad guy and by then, it was too late. I'd probably make an automatic message that tells you what you need to do, so that way the player will understand what they need to do without wasting any time. The next thing that irritated was how unfair the jump from the blue block to the red guy is. Trying to jump from the blue block is pretty difficult since you've got no momentum (for some strange reason {?}), and it took me a few tries before I realized you were supposed to let the block break and then jump on it. I mention this because the player is urged to rush through the level and chase the beetle, but waiting for the block to break and then jump kind of ruins the flows in this section. I've already mentioned how the cat power-up breaks the level, so yeah.

The castle section is kind of the end section, but nothing's really wrong with it though.

However, another big issue about the level is its secret exit. It took me a while to figure out that you need to play as Kood in order to get it. While some sort of hint is given at the end, the hint is very vague and just appears as if the npcs were just having normal conversation with you. At the moment, it just seems unfair for the player since there's not really an indication of the secret exit being at the beginning (since its automatic).

There were some spelling errors, but that's not the biggest issue. 

I mean, the concept is neat, chasing after a beetle who stole your power-up/1up, but the level design itself is not really fun. At the moment, I'm rejecting the level, but you can, of course, re-submit it with changes to change my mind.

-sturgyman 1:55 PM 7/12/2013 (MDT)                          

The concept was neat in the level. The level is extremly lopsided difficulty wise and length wise. The first part was so hard because of the awkward control. Midpoint: WAITING 6 SECONDS. That is really ridicoulous. Also the 2nd section was just kind of boring and extremly short and boring and fifty time easier. Either make that part level or put a midpoint right before the cave part. At the state its at i have to reject. -8flight