This is a candidate level for World 6 Castle. It's a retread of all World 6 levels either in assets or in gimmicks. This level does not contain all the music it uses; it borrows music from other World 6 levels. Level is unfinished at the moment.

Update 03/03/2016: Forgot to write the current status of the level on this wiki. Currently, the level is nearly complete. The bit before the Boss Door needs to be finished and there needs to be a way of connecting the level with the boss room.  The level is currently also missing the following:

  • Assets from "Fall" of Demo.
  • The boss fight, which I believe rockythechao wanted to make.

Known Bugs/Issues

As of 03/03/2016m the Dark Prince graphic gimmick is incompatible with the latest LunaLua devkit.

Work In Progress Reviews

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