Demo gets lost in a perfectly ordinary swamp, nothing extravagant here.

Download here.

Update 12/23/2015:

- Toned down difficulty slightly in second section

- Added second checkpoint

Update 1/2/2016

- Modified first spike section

- Added a more noticeable coin counter

- Swapped fake leek for fake goal tape

- Added more indications for what direction to go in

- Toned down difficulty in vertical climbing section


Reviewed with suggestions, no judgement yet - FrozenQuills , then since major things were fixed, approved.

Rejected at first by Pyro, then after changes, approved

I gave up on this level. Couldn't beat it.

Right from the get-go, you fail to telegraph anything and everything. There were way too many times where I sat there for minutes trying to figure out what you wanted me to do. How am I supposed to know you can jump on the spikes? Why do the spikes jump so weirdly? Why can't they just act like normal trampolines? How was I supposed to know that I can only collect 20 coins before I die? the 20 in the coins counter isn't very obvious at all. Why can I randomly climb trees? That should not be a thing. How was I supposed to know that I could ride the bullets? How was I supposed to know I had to go back?  Why do I have to jump and and randomly enter the ceiling? How am I supposed to know that Blue coins count for five coins? Why can I continually pick up the 1st checkpoint? Why net gimmick so awkward? Why the Item Babysitting with they key? I ended up giving up at the stupid vertical section with the awkward nets.

I've never been so angry at such an unfun level before. -SAJewers | 22:51 ADT, December 25, 2015

Approved. -SAJewers | 12:47 ADT, January 2, 2016


I downloaded direct from this page. If there's another revision lying around, then I apologise.

There are huge glaring issues with an otherwise fun gimmick. The 20 coin counter wasn't clear at all. I didn't notice and because I wasn't consistent in which coins I was collecting, I appeared to be dying at random. What made it really confusing was that I collected a good number of coins before being told that stealing money was bad, so the warning did not mean anything to me. I was collecting coins fine before the warning. Why would collecting anymore hurt; after all, I didn't notice the coin counter? Also, the player encounters 20 collectable coins in the level before he or she gets that warning. That's unfair. You're penalising the player before you warn him or her?

Also, the coin gimmick means the player is too afraid to search for powerups because blocks could potentially contain coins. You're actively discouraging players to search for powerups. Given there aren't too many enemies, this isn't a huge problem, but a player may forget what is or is not an enemy in this level.

This brings me onto the sprite swaps. There was no clear indication that the sign or the jumping hobo were enemies. There was no clear indication that you'd swapped the cheese and beet graphics, until of course the player grabs one. There's also no indication that the spikes are bouncy or that there's whole level wrap around.

I've also no idea what you have to do to get into Section 2. I managed to do it in the end, but it just seemed so random. Also, I kind of guessed that you had to exit opposite the pipe, but I'm unsure as to whether anybody else would get that. Might want to run that by more people and see how they figure that one out.

Section 2: there's no indication that you have to backtrack with the key and then backtrack again to where you picked up the key.

End of section 2: there's no indication that there's horizontal wrap around.

Section 3: Not a major point, but I suffered huge amounts of slowdown here.

Section 4: The previous two pipes required you to enter a piece of land opposite the pipe. The first one was directly above, but the second one was behind. So there's no real clear indication because the entrance is in different positions relative to the pipe for each pipe. This one is no different. It's not on a surface immediately above or below the pipe. It's just in the middle of nowhere.

It's a shame really, because this is a really fun and clever level.

Ztarwuff 15:25, December 26, 2015 (UTC)


In the first bouncing spike section, the player may notice that there are areas where it looks like Demo is climbing something; this is due to how SMBX handles fences on hidden layers. Although you can't actually climb hidden fences in this level, the animation will still play for it if you are in the right spot.

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