While tight platforming has been declared a 'no-no' for this game, I think this level can be an exception as the level itself isn't too hard for it to be declared 'unfair'. There are some things I would change though.

  • Place a character filter at the mid-point.
  • The level itself is much more difficult to beat with Kood, due to his inability to spin jump. Obstacles such as the saws are very hard to get past easpecially during tight platforming.
  • In the beginning of the 2nd section, place the invisble 1-up higher than it is at the moment. I keep accidentually hitting it when I want to jump over the grey snifit and end up getting hurt anyways.
  • Some jumps in the 2nd section are a tad too sketchy. such as the jump over the spikes from one pillar to another. Maybe make more room for that jump?
  • Sometimes the banana snake jumps into the ceiling and just stays there. A funny little glitch. 

That's it really. I will approve this level, but I wouldn't count on other judges doing the same, since they might be more strict with it.  --sturgyman 1:02 PM 7/3/2013 (MDT)

I made it a bit easier in the second half and changed some things around, and added a kinda stupid secret exit by my freinds request, but I think you'll find it fairly easily if your looking around for it.

-Alpherio (7/18/2013)

The level seems OK to me. However, I can't figure out the secret exit at all. The solution for the secret exit should be made a tad more clear. Approving provided you explain to me how to get the secret exit (I'll respond back on wther or not changes might need to be made ont it). -SAJewers | 18:20 ADT, August 18, 2013

Yeah, I think the secret exit might be broken or something because I can't figure it out either...

-sturgyman 7:35 PM 8/24/2013 (MDT)

Maybe I need to make it more clear in the dialogue, your supposed to go back into the door after leaving the elevator section, talk to the door a couple times after he tells you not to talk to him again, then go back through the door from the elevator section and he'll be outside. Any suggestions to make this more clear/should I just remove this?

--Alpherio (8/25/2013)

I'll just, remove it, since nobody got back to me and its been put in as a one exit level.

-Alpherio (10/25/2013)

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