A level currently in the works. It originally had enemies with breasts (Mousers in particular), though that was removed before the level was first submitted since the author understood how demeaning towards women that would be.

The level as of now features flickering switch blocks (some of which even move), a red shoe segment and just some general platforming level design.

In the level's current state, there are too few powerups, making this level harder than a usual level and the red coins are pretty much pointless.

EDIT: This level was reworked into the W3-1 castle for Ep. 2 by SAJewers and rockythechao. The final name hasn't been decided yet but the current working title is Dusty Grave.


Approved Level With Changes. First off, the zip file does not follow the folder structure. Remove the Rejected Enemies folder. Second, change the name of the level. I refuse to approve this until the level-name has been changed. I, and other women, watch Raocow and play these games - even the name is inappropriate. Perhaps you can scrounge together three approvals without me, but you won't get mine until you do that. Third, if the red coins do nothing, leave them out. Right now they're just misleading and I was very confused playing the game. However, the red coin placement is good - my suggestion is to choose 5 of those red coin placements and then put Raocoins there. Remember - the goal of a game is to be fun for the player, not confuse them. Fourth, and this is a nit-pick, some of the mushrooms clash a bit with the underground theme you've got going there. Feel free to keep them - it's hardly super-noticable or a level killer. Also, on that same note, I'm not 100% sold on the black cut-off background for the end-goal. It might be a bit better to have a Mouser (since they're prominent in your level) that's either friendly or hostile and a leek atop raised earth, a pedastal, etc. This, again, is up to your perogative since it isn't anything glaringly bad. I applaud your choice of tile-sets, enemies, and backgrounds and how well they blend together with the music. Now you just need a representative name to complete the compositionHorikawa Otane (talk) 04:45, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Take out the red coins por favor, they really don't do anything special in particular and just appear suspicious. Do what H. Otane said and replace five of them with Dragon Coins (or just get rid of the coins). What's up with the random red log? It's the only one in the level and it confused me of it's purpose(?). You don't have to change that though, just something I was wondering 'bout. The level lags a lot for me, especially at the red shoe section (probably because of all the saws), though this is something that can't really be fixed. Finally, my biggest gripe with this level is the secret leek. It's very, very, inconspicuous for the player to find and I didn't realize there was until I looked through the editor. There's not really an indication that the player must climb on top the roof of each land piece, especially the last one in which hides the leek. I wouldn't know how to fix it though, but I would somehow make it slightly easier to find, or give a hint to the player. Approved after some changes billy dog(?).

-sturgyman 12:49 AM 7/12/2013 (MDT)

Approved pending the following changes:

  • Make the secret exit more obvious, as noted above.
  • We changed the GFX for the SMW switch blocks. It would be nice if your modifications matched.
  • There are 2 places where you need Mouser to thow bombs and break blocks. You could easily kill both Mousers, makin gyou stuck. Put them Generators maybe, or something.
  • Do something to the red coins to make them useful.

-SAJewers | 21:48 ADT, August 10, 2013

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