This is my second level for Episode 2, replacing My Heartburn's For You. This one is MUCH better designed since I have more experience with the engine.

Difficulty: Medium

Music: Panic! At The Disco - "Hurricane" (8bit Remix by FrankJavCee)

Updates: As of 9/28/15...

- Some background elements changed to improve flavor

- Music is now in .ogg format

As of 11/14/15...

- Changed how you get to certain power-ups and added some where necessary

- Slight change in platforming to improve overall experience

- Extended tiles off screen to prevent flying over and/or under the level (including water)

- Music file names are now exactly how they should appear with the music code

As of 11/15/15...

- Some platforming elements have been changed to improve overall experience

- Music metadata has been fixed

As of 11/27/15...

- Music in second half is now the same as the first half

- Other minor changes

As of 11/29/15...

- Minor changes


Boy, does this level skimp out on the powerups. Seriously, there's barely enough, especially in the (much harder) second half. the ones you have are also in terrible spots. There should at least be a powerup right at the start and right at the midpoint at least.

Your platforms don't extend 3 tiles offscreen, allowing people the ability to fly over or under everything (and easily fall out of the water to their death). Why the music change in the second half? it feels unnecessary. Speaking of the second half, it feels way too cramped. If you do insist on keeping the music change, at least use an NSF or NSFE, and not an OGG. Also, fix your metadata for the other song. I can't accept levels that don't fully source their music.

You level was going decently, and then all these issues. Fix them. -SAJewers | 18:28 ADT, November 6, 2015

Now Approved. -SAJewers | 20:48 ADT, December 2, 2015

Approved by Pyro

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