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burnthehousedown - dacopykittylevel

upandout - wingster

stophittingme - quebecoisrage

Possible Cheat Code Replacements

original code character amount replacement description
needa(n)x 5(6) gimmeX(s) spawns a(n) X  in the item box
istillplaywithlegos 19 itsresetdoortimenow unbreaks all blocks in the stage
itsrainingmen 13 isureneedthis drops 25 1-UPs
donttypethis 12 bobombplanet drops 25 bombs
wetwater 8 ittoodry changes current level to under water
shadowstar 10 ghostytime the player can pass through walls and ceilings
itsamemario 11 thatisademo changes the player to Mario(Demo)
itsameluigi 11 thatsaniris changes the player to Luigi(Iris)
supermarioX 10 superbdemoX makes X duplicates of the player
1player 7 raomode changes the game to single player
2player 7 pprmode changes the game to co-op
wariotime 9 capitalis changes all enemies into coins
wherearemycarkeys 17 ohdangthatkeyboss spawns a key in the player's hands
boingyboing 11 justtoohigh spawns a springboard in the player's hands
bombsaway 9 ohmanbomb spawns a bomb in the player's hands
firemissiles 12 ohmanbullets spawns a bullet in the player's hands
powhammer 9 armegadon spawns a POWblock in the player's hands
hammerinmypants 15 throwinghammers spawns a Hammer Bro in the player's hands
rainbowrider 12 itsdiscotime spawns an inverted disco shell in the player's hands
Xegg 3 Xroe spawns an X type egg in the player's hands
stickyfingers 13 tenacioustoes allows the player to pick up any NPC
captainn 8 juststop stops time when PAUSE is pressed (PAUSE bound to ESC won't work)
flamethrower 12 mchammerdude

flame rates are increased 5/2  flame speed is increased 6/4 and auto rapid-fire (also applys to hammers)

moneytree 9 havemoney player's coins increase rapidly until 99 coins and lives is reached or level ends
donthurtme 10 strategyyo god mode
wingman 7 peawing allows raccoon items and makes all Yoshis have wings that  last and fly indefinitely(P-wing)
sonicstooslow 13 chipmunktiime speeds everything up
ahippinandahoppin 17 jumplikesomething infinite double jumps
framerate 9 no need to change displays frame rate
speeddemon 10 waytoofast no framerate limit
anothercastle 13 chipmunkthyme changes the player to toad(Raocow)
ibakedacakeforyou 17 luigisonlycomrade changes the player to Peach(Kood)
iamerror 8 oublions changes the player to Link(Sheath)
fairymagic 10 everhigher transforms player into a fairy a la fairy power-up
iceage 6 brrbrr freezes all enemies
imtiredofallthiswalking 23 no need to change reveils all paths
illparkwhereiwant 17 no need to change free movement on map
redigitiscool 13 raocowisswell allows cheat-saving

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