Chromaquiz is the third level created by Joseph Staleknight for A Second Mario Bros. X Thing. It is currently in version 1.3. There are two exits, a midpoint and five Raocoins.

Level Overview

The level is nothing more than a series of puzzles that are based on colored switches, blocks, and platforms. There are five trials within the Chromaquiz testing facilities, each of which are based on such a gimmick. The first two trials are simple, but the rest are more complicated and/or deadly. Clearing all the trials will net you a leek, but you may find another exit in the midpoint room by hitting a certain block.

Outside Assets and Modifications Used

All outside assets have been modified by the level creator to fit the level's mood unless otherwise noted.

  • SMW Restyled Switch Blocks and Platforms by Joseph Staleknight.
    • Purple and Red re-hued blocks/platforms based on/inspired by SMW Purple Switch Blocks/Platforms by Chad.
  • SMW Wall Triangles by Locator and TryLouBliss.
  • Skull Block by Paratroopa and Various Inspiration.
  • SMW Boiling Water inspired by RandomGuy27's SMB3 Boiling Water.
  • Custom Lock Block and SMW Key Block by Joseph Staleknight.
  • SMW Rainbow Item Block based on SMW Rainbow Switch by Ancel3.
  • SMB3 Picnic Grass by Joseph Staleknight.
  • SMB3 Golden Pipes by Road Runner.
  • SMB3 Silver Bonus and Extensions inspired by Road Runner's SMB3 Gold Bonus.
  • Custom High-Tech Doors by Joseph Staleknight.
  • Custom Digital Sign by Joseph Staleknight.
  • SMB3 Lucky Jumping Science Toad based on SMB3 Lucky Jumping Toad by Darkchao and TryLouBliss.
  • SMB3 Science Toad by Joseph Staleknight
  • SMW On/Off Switch converted to ? Switch by Joseph Staleknight.


  • Version 1.3:
    • Made the first two trials less tedious by shortening the platforms' travel time and widening the targets.
    • Fixed a few "trap bugs" in the trials where the PC could get stuck if they weren't careful.
    • Trial 3 now has an additional warning about the skull blocks.
    • Trial 4 was clarified so that the player wouldn't assume that the right-hand path was always the correct one.
    • Fixed the music to be more fitting of a testing facility.
    • Made the bridge and the final part of the gauntlet more tolerant of PC mistakes. Also added extra shells to warn the PC not to relax yet.
  • Version 1.2:
    • Got rid of the other life farm from Trial 2.5 (the one Maiku mentioned).
  • Version 1.1:
    • Edited Trial 2 to take out the life farm. Also made the red gate in the same trial two blocks high because of potential issues of getting stuck in the red lift.
    • Some graphical changes and fixes (e.g. made the tetherball at the end actually look like one).
  • Version 1.0: First version submitted to ASMBXT Wiki.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Sherlock Raocow may break Trial 2 with his magnifying glass. Will have to look into that.

Further Plans

  • Bug fixes and changes based on commentary.

Reviews and Comments

Please place all reviews and comments in this section.

  • I do enjoy a good puzzle, and those were downright difficult! Haha. Just so you know, a very patient person can life farm during trial 2.5. I also experienced quite a bit of lag during the 4th trial and during the very end of the trials. I don't know if it's only me experiencing that, so don't pay close heed to that. During the red section of the final trial, you have a wide gap between two switch blocks that took me several tries to get across. When I managed to get across, I knew I had to jump again. Unfortunately, with the momentum it took to get there, I ended up leaping past the piece of stable solid ground and into the pit of boiling water because the shell was offscreen to hit the switch to make the platform appear. However, this may be due to my lack of experience with the SMBX physics, so again pay no mind to this unless others have the same complaint. Apart from that, I liked it! Maiku Wotaharu (talk) 15:04, July 19, 2013 (UTC)
    • Thanks for the input! I haven't really experienced lag at the points you mentioned, but I'll look into it if it happens to other testers. Also, I literally just found out how the life farm is possible so I'll go ahead and fix that. As for the long jump, I agree that it's quite difficult and will change it if enough people find it maddening. Joseph Staleknight (talk) 22:40, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

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