Really nice level you got here, I especially like how the level itself is pretty much vanilla aside from the music (which is a good choice might I add). There's an error or two you might want to fix though:

  • The level is much, much harder to beat with Sheath (probably impossible) because she's a sucky jumper and her height. I would put a character filter at the beginning.
  • The second power-up seems kind of really risky to get, so I would just place a power-up just out in the open instead of being in a box so it's easier to get.
  • Nice use of the table graphic btw.

So yeah, it's a great level with some minor fixes. I think it should get an Approval from me.

--sturgyman 12:03 PM 7/3/2013 (MDT)

I'm going to approve this level assuming the player isn't retarded and tries to play as Sheath for this level. 

-sturgyman 5:42 PM 7/17/2013 (MDT)

Proposed changes have been made, except for the character filter.

I would add a character filter, but it's very glitchy, usually resulting in the character dieing as soon as they pass the filter. Maybe i'm just being dumb, but I haven't been able to get it to work, as putting it where the start currently is, is... Clunky and in the way, to say the least, and it would be hard to make more than one character able to get out of the start without getting smashed. And if I make a new section for it and teleport them in, it puts them offscreen unless they're really fast about it.

--Alpherio (7/3/2013)

Since it seems to only be Sheath, maybe Talk to kill to have LunaDLL filter out Sheath.-SAJewers | 10:49 ADT, July 15, 2013

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