Difficulty: Easy.

2 Exits

1 SMW3 Star

1 SMW Goal Pole

Section heading

Everything taken from the editor itself, again. Nothing else to say.


I reject this level.  The puzzles' solutions aren't that clear to me since they involve completely separate rooms.  The level is VERY breakable.  Sheath can kill the koopas underwater even with the switches off, and you don't seem to realize that you can enter doors in midair which removes a lot of challenge.  Most importantly are the situations inwhich you can screw yourself inadverantly.  First if you jump to the right after losing the onion powerup (unless you're Kood).  Second, if you enter the door above the purple pipe while the switch yellow switch is in a certain position you just die because there is no floor below you.  The main reason I'm critcizing these is because they seem like things that weren't thought through.  I'm okay with the general concept of the level.  I just think there are too many bugs to accept it.  If you want to fix it up go ahead, but I won't accept it in it's current form.


The level itself is very easy to break since you can enter doors in mid-air making the level/puzzle incredibly short. If you were to play as raocow you could also break the level with the onion since he can double jump with it. I didn't see the point of that underwater portion, since I only used the 1st room with all the switches in it. Since it can break easily plus several areas where you can get stuck, I'm gonna go and say rejected on this one. Sorry!

-sturgyman 7:32 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

I don't think was very thought out. Agreeing with the above judges. -SAJewers | 12:24 ADT, July 20, 2013

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