This is Duvi0's second level created. It's centered around 3 ideas: a vertical water level, blaarg physics underwater, and playing to underwater strengths.

Difficulty: Medium

Music: Penguins of the Apocalypse - FearOfDark

Newest Download: (9/23/15) Download


The main exit was nice, though I would consider using the new lunadll sounds.ini thingy to change the blargg sfx.

You lost me though on the secret exit. I'm not a fan of "collect the raocoin" exits, I don't like secrets that are collections that require the player to skip the checkpoint, and I hate secret exits that are just "replay the entire level, but take a turn right at the end". It's really a shame, because you had a good thing going here.

I'm going to approve the level, but you really need to reconsider that secret exit. I don't think though you're gonna get a lot of sympathy from others on that secret exit. -SAJewers | 23:27 ADT, November 2, 2015

  • Something else as well: Replace the music with this. -SAJewers | 17:41 ADT, November 8, 2015

Rejected, but later approved, by Pyro

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