Factory/circuitry based level with custom graphics. A couple of sections require spinjumping which restricts the level to Demo, Iris and Raocow. The whole level, should be beatable with a Yoshi. A hammer suit could break a good chunk of it, but I'm fine with it.

(In case anyone has trouble with the first eerie section, spinjumping on the thwomps with a running start should also be possible.)

Music is Mechanical Giant by S.N.N (used with permission). This is no longer the case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The video review in the comments refers to version 1.

Changes in version 3.2 or something:

  • The music was changed to Challenge Chiptune (included in the devkit).

Changes in version 3:

  • Removed both of the powerups in the main level, now there are only the one in the beginning and the one at the midpoint.
  • The level is now beatable with all characters: Sheath and Kood must hit a switch to make some nets appear, enabling them to bypass the spinjumping sections. There's no hard filter but there are warning messages.
  • The part after the midpoint has been almost completely redone: the vertical shaft has been replaced with a section with nets, bullets (note: apparently it isn't possible to use these to farm lives in this engine) and lava and the part immediately after features falling platforms.
  • Due to the above, beating the level with a cat-llama isn't possible anymore, so I filtered him out (as well as the boots).

Changes in version 2:

  • Every Copy Kitty reference was removed.
  • I added a hard filter room in the beginning and changed the midpoint room to implement another hard filter
  • The boss was completely removed, after the exit door of the main area there's just a single simple room.


Er, can you change the download so it's easier to access? I don't want to make an account for downloading the level.

-sturgyman 5:57 PM 8/8/2013 (MDT)

Link is dead. Rejecting. -SAJewers | 22:05 ADT, August 15, 2013

Reuploaded (it keeps disappearing). By the way, Septentrion's review refers to the old version (and I think it was done before he was an official tester), I'm not sure if it counts. --Menshay (talk) 10:15, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

Unless the design of the level was drastically changed (which I don't think is the case), it counts. Not sure If I like the face that the second half seems so different fron the first half, and feels a tad short. I also don't like the fact that all the custom graphics seems to be 1x1 pixels instead of the 2x2 pixels SMBX uses. That needs to be fixed. Approving pending that change. ---SAJewers | 12:41 ADT, August 16, 2013

I don't plan on changing the graphics, I'm personally fine with how they look and revamping everything would require more time than I'm willing to invest into this. If this causes the level to be rejected, so be it. --Menshay (talk) 19:20, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

Pretty simple level, it's also pretty easy as well, for me at least. I do think the second half slightly lacked the same creativity that the 1st section had. A bug chunk of the 2nd half was a Metroid shooter run, I'd redo that section of the level, since it's not really hard and sort of boring. I'd also reduce the amount of power-ups in the level, since it's already really easy to complete on it's own right now. I'd probably get rid of the last power-up at the end since it's totally not necessary. And while I'm okay with 1x1 pixels being used in this aspect (I personally thik it looks fine), I'll wait what other folks say about it. Accepted with changes.

-sturgyman 5:57 PM 8/16/2013 (MDT)

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