Cream Soda Floats is the fifth level created by Joseph Staleknight for A Second Mario Bros. X Thing. It is currently in version 1.0. There are two exits and five Raocoins, but no midpoint.

Level Overview

This ice level features not only ice, but also lakes made of pure cream soda. In fact, this is where people all around the world get their cream soda; as such, a big refinery was built to extract the cream soda and bottle it for sale in various stores and supermarkets. Of course, the refinery isn't without its own hazards...

Oh, and it also has vanilla ice cream hills, but the world already has its own vanilla ice cream.

Outside Assets and Modifications Used

  • SMB3 Orange Pipes by Road Runner
  • SMB3 Cream Soda Chunks Cave by Joseph Staleknight, based on SMB3 Ice Cave by Redigit
  • SMB3 Snow Wood by Redigit and Speedy
  • SMB3 Ice Grass by Redigit
  • SMB3 Cream Soda Cave BG by Joseph Staleknight, based on SMB3 Ice Cave BG by Thunder Dragon
  • SMB3 Cream Soda House by Joseph Staleknight


  • Version 1.0: First version submitted to ASMBXT Wiki.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • There is one red coin in the lower part of the refinery that can be missed after the enemy attack, but only if the player ignores it.

Further Plans

  • Bug fixes and changes based on commentary.
  • Make the cream soda more bubbly.

Reviews and Comments

Please place all reviews and comments in this section.

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