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Time to get cracking down on cutscene production

Darkychao mentioned Cutscene storyboards so this will largly be a page for that stuff,

General Plot

So the three episodes will all take place in alternate timelines, each will end with all of the characters but one dead and the sole survivor escaping through a portal back in time kicking off the next episode. Each episode will follow the the characters trying to collect Demo's super leeks in order to stop the worlds destruction. Each time, however, they will be confronted by a new set of adversaries. Episode one will feature Demo's siblings episode two will feature Bosses from games Raocow has played and Episode three will feature evil talkhausers led by PPR.

The layout of the cutscenes will likely differ between Episodes but Episode 1 will feature a cutscenes at the end of each castle,cutscenes at the start of worlds 1,4,5,6,7and 8, and possibly a cutscene before the final castle.

Episode 1 Story

Alright, this is how it's going to go down, yah know how in ASMBXT Kood, Raocow, and Sheath came out of pretty much nowhere? Well in what exactly is going on this game that's explained in more detail. Remember how Kood had said that he followed Joey through several interdimensional portals before catching up with him in AUT(A Universe Thing)? Well apparently those have been showing up all over the place. Upon returning to The Master's spaceship thing thing Demo and Iris learn that someone has managed to steal some "super leeks" which were being used to power the ship, fortunately the leeks brought back were enough to power the ship's life support temporally, the sisters are tasked to return to the surface of the nearby planet to search for the stolen super leeks; after searching about for a while they find that Kood has returned. He has learned that someone has been using an interdimensional portal generator powered by stolen grand stars, these portals have been becoming increasingly unstable and that it's only a matter of time before they start to tear universes apart. The thing is that even though the forces of the Mushroom Kingdom have managed to return all the grand stars that these portals have continued to show up. Demo and Iris explain to him their plight and they figure that the generator has been using the power of the super leeks to continue working. They call on the aid of raocow again as he was the most skilled of them (he did manage to beat fluffy quest after all). Oh... and Sheath is there to.

V My Plot Idea stuff V

Demo and friends travel between worlds each with their own little adventures and troubles, eventually they wind up helping a man named Jason Mccain combat a revolting group of communists led by a lakitu named Dr. Lakituvitch. Demo defeats Dr. Lakituvich but winds up freeing her siblings, who lakituvich had captured. Niether Demo nor Iris apear to recognize the siblings much to Garish's anoyance. Garish reveals that he was Mccain all along and attempts to lead the siblings only to be quickly usurped by Science. Science briefly explains Demo's relation to the siblings and their origin at the hands of the Artist. The siblings then decide to attack Demo and the gang only for the communists to arrive at the last seccond and save the day in an awesome scene with lots of special effects. In Cutscenes following this Science is shown commanding the siblings from a flying base giving characterization to the different siblings. It is revealed that he did not intend on encountering Demo and was captured by lakituvich (with the siblings) while attempting to collect Super Leeks from different worlds for wich he has evil plans for. Pandamona and Garish grow distrustful of science and constantly go behind his back. Apon Completing Static Life in world 6 Pily is freed from her mind controll. She explains to demo the true nature of the artist and gives brief descriptions of the other siblings and their backstory. She also alerts Demo that science is planning something with the super leeks much to her horror. Upon reaching the final world Science realizes that he has depleated his forces, Nevada went home after world 5, Pily turned good, Garish and Pandamona went off the charts and Mishi quit existing after being disgusted with the heroes destroying the world in "Castle of the World". This leaves only Calleoca who was eager to Battle the protagonists throughout the whole game. After defeating Calleoca and working her way through Science's castle Demo confronts him on the roof. Demo seemingly wins but Science destroys the floor crashing Demo down into a room with a large machine running on super leeks. Science reveals the machine is a portal generator and that he plans to use it for evil experiments. Pandamona and Garish overhear this however and confront Science believing he plans to betray the artist. Science attempts to plead with them but Garish Destroys the Machine causing the universe to collapse in on itself and killing everyone but Science who is left floating in nothingness with the broken machine, oh, and sheath is there too. Science reveals that his machine was not the origional grand star powered one and that he was only attempting to create his own. He shows mild regret for his actions and decides to use the machine's remaining energy to send Sheath away to another timeline where she can save the universe. Science is then left floating in space alone and sadly shuts down, very sad.

Episode 1 Cutscenes/Storyboard Stuff

Cutscene stuff goes here,

If anyone has an idea for a cute end of world cutscene just post it here for now.

It was suggested that one of the cutscenes look like/reference the cookie cutter SMW cutscenes. Also, thoughts on the world 5 ending be styled after the keith courage ending? -SAJewers | 14:24 ADT, November 5, 2013

maybe each EoW cutsecene should be a joke on another game's EoW/ending cutscene.Darkychao (talk) 07:42, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

Episode 2

Episode 3 Storyboard outline by Septentrion

At the end of Episode 2, things go bad because someone betrays the protagonists. The universe is doomed as a result. The person behind the betrayal is PPR, but that is not found out about until you fight him in episode 3. Possible character are in parathesis.

Important starting characters: (Con/octagon like person)(Raocow's ally A)(Raocow's Ally B)

At the beginning of episode 3 we get random talkhauser fights.

First guy is just excited to star in the game as a boss. (Fanboy/girl)

Later we get a talkhauser that fights Raocow in a demented murderous way. This is quite shocking as an event and mind control is implied (wake up call)

A Mind control device is red herring, and is quickly reveal to be as such.

At the end of world 2 in to we meet someone (explainer) who appears against the heros saying raocow must die. He is however much more talkative, and explains that raocow was the one that betrayed them and explains that witnesses saw raocow *betrayal event*. He still think Roacow is bad guy in defeated text

World 3 – boss is one of the witnesses.(Witness boss). Is still convinced raocow is villain after he is defeated. The team then learns that there is one other witness when (witness Boss)

In World 4 We meet one of the witnesses(Tragic Witness), but they get killed (False lead – Evil) before they can actually say anything other than that they know roacow. (Evil Mook A) is commanded to stop the heros by(False Lead - Evil).

World 5 - We meat team secret lead by (Flase Lead - good). Boss is part of this group.

"Roacow, you can not win, simple because it's you./Because it's you, you can't win." - possible quotes from this ground

World 7 - (False lead evil) is revealed not to be the main villain, and tries to stop Roa and team at this point

world 8 ends with a series of bosses.

(Raocow's ally A) - Betrays Raocow because they were convinced by (false lead - good) that raocow cannot when the upcoming battle. They then die by horrific accident while attempting to stop him. This can be drawn out.

(False lead - good) is confronted in the final castle place by Raocow.  When he runs out of hits, he says he won't use his full power at this place, and leaves.

At the true final level, Raocow comes accross the fallen (False lead - good) who lies dying on the floor before the final boss door. He was killed by the true villain and thorefor must explain something before he actually dies. Nearly everything is a explian except who the villain actually is

(False lead - good) figured out that PPR is the villain but thinks raocow cannot beat PPR because logic: future self and all. I, Septentrion, want this position.

true villain - PPR. This can be handled an number of ways.

We can then divide the talkhaus into 4 factions - not actual names

  •  Good Guys (don’t believe raocow is a traitor) - they don't get to be bosses.
  • Team Secret (stops raocow for greater good, doesn’t believe raocow is a traiter) - Might just be refered to as followers of Septentrion.
  • Team Justice (Believes raocow is a traitor) – It’s just a reasonable postion.
  • Team Evil (works for PPR / Blood God)

Like all the plot intragal characters, any random cameo can fit into one of these groups.

This plot calls for a number of deaths. we can use the flash video NPC technology to make people disappear into nothingness when they pass away. I imagine it being somewhat of a digital death, not with gore everywhere

Episode 3 Plan B

This is mostly the same story plan as above, but talkhuaser are merely exists as back characters in town and they don't have much effects on the current events. The plot is driven instead by bosses from games raocow.

Here are some roles certain characters can take.

(False lead - good) is confronted in the final castle place by Raocow.  When she runs out of hits, she says she can't use her full power at this place, and leaves. She is the fake final boss before PPR. - Patchouli Knowledge.

Patchouli is the only boss to have defeated raocow and she believes it's her responsible to stop him from getting himself killed by PPR. In her mind, since PPR is based on raocow's future self, there is no possible way for roacow to defeat PPR. She does not reveal her intentions until the very end.

World 5 conversation with patchouli

Roacow: "We'll figure out how to save the universe. We just have to collect everything and beat bosses."

???: "You just have to defeat bosses? Like what you couldn't do with me."

Patchouli appears

Patchouli: "There is enough ___ in this timeline to save this universe. However, there is nothing you can do to make sure this come about."

Iris: "That's sound a look better than's raocow's story of a completely doomed universe."

Roacow: "We just have to defeat all the bad guys to save the everything."

Patchouli: "Raocow, give up now. This is a fight you can not win."

Raocow: "Who do you think your talking to?"

"Roacow, you can not win, because it is you."

Patchouli disappears

(Raocow's ally A) - Nitori

Nitori is raocow's friend and they fight crime. Raocow also help nitori defeat Utsuho in Nitoriod Fantasy Explorer. Nitori acts as a sixth ranger to the party, although she is still shy, she is very helpful.

In the final act, Nitori is convinced by Patchouli to try to stop raocow fight before the (supposed) final stage. She truly believes that stopping raocow is the only way to save his life. Possble raocowXNitori undertones <3, although maybe one way.

List of possible characters: Dechornous from Bunny Must Die, Utsuho form Touhou, Foroze from AoF, That evil dude from Distorted Travesy

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