This level took a long time to make. There is a boss at the end and it is intended to be a final castle of the world. It's somewhat long and uses many iterations of certain gimmick. I hope it does not cause too much lag.

Level was updater to fix the music, the death effects, the boss, and to move the midpoint later into the level. The hands are now easier to see. and I also give the player a hint about them. I also altered some of the placement to make that part slightly easier. Music tags should work for this one now too.



Cellophane Invention - Stud

Chaos Crawler - Megalomachia 2

Default songs from Devkit.


Scenery+ tileset mostly drawn by me.

Face from the Witches house. Some graphics from Space funeral. Hands from Eversion.

Download Link



The level itself was amazing, but I have to admit: I got bored buring the boss. It just feels way too drawn out. You do need to fix the effects graphics of the hands though, as you can see them if you tail-swipe them or use an Ice Catnip. I'll approve this, but you should look into maybe making the boss a bit more fun.

Rejected by Pyro 1 2

Currently withholding approval until the boss has better indication of being hurt or is fixed in general. If the boss were not part of the level, it would be an approved case no doubt. I can't speak enough kind words to illustrate how I felt about this level. Duvi | 1:41 AM, 11/26/15

Conditionally Approved - FrozenQuills

(Approved by 8flight now that it has multiple midpoints)

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