A kinda finished level where Demo is being chased in a dream.

Using a simplified version of the engine that Holy made in Demo Dance Mix, I can convey simple actions to another character. All the mechanics are hidden with the help of the copy paste tool by docopopper.

When this level is saved on the PGE-editor, it will make the palm trees go on front of the spikes for some reason. I tested this level as an episode and on the level editor, so the layering should work well otherwise.


Radioactive (Music Box Version) - Imagine Dragons


  • Removed the HUD, since I think it looks better that way.
  • Changed the ending to a WARP. To fix #2 by SAJewers.

QA Review

I get a real China Warrior vibe from this, but this is decent, if simple and short. Only a two issues:

1) Maybe consider hiding the HUD, since it's not needed here
2) The  "End Game: Bowser Defeat" event option IIRC doesn't actually end the level, it just shutters you to the Credits, then kicks you back to the title screen. You'd want to throw in an actual exit.

Approved, pending you fix #2.

Video review: [Approved] - Pyro, 24 October 2015

Approved-Rusbojis | November 11, 2015

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