Demo is the main character of the ASMT series and mascot of the talkhaus community.


Demo and her sister Iris were the last of the ABCDs created by the Artist, made using packing peanuts, a slab of meat, a lead weight, asbestos and a kangaroo.

The two eventually escaped the Artist's brainwashing powers and were captured by one of the Space Masters of Space, whom they have been working for ever since.


Demo's pretty straightforward; goal-oriented, determined, a big thinker. She doesn't care for needless fluff or complexity, and when she's on a mission she often ignores anything she considers irrelevant to her objective. And while she doesn't speak much, when she does she's brutally honest.


As an ABCD, Demo can gain new abilities from eating certain types of vegetables and is able to store large quantities of coins in her body.



Demo cares deeply about her sister, even if the two don't always see eye-to-eye.


Her beloved canine companion. She doesn't remember when she got him, but she doesn't really care.

Space Master

Intensely loyal, Demo will follow her master's orders without question.

Uncle Broadsword

Demo's favorite Uncle. She sometimes accompanies him on treasure hunts or helps him out with his wacky get-rich-quick schemes.


Being the main character of the ASMT series, Demo has starred as a playable character in every main game in the series. Her first appearance, however, was in raocow's Super Mario World hack What the Hell.



  • "Oh dear.  This certainly isn't a grocery store.  What to do?"
  • "...You're just another charlie guy?"
  • "*Sigh* My vegetables are beginning to rot..."

A2XT Episode 1

  • "Wait, hold on.  I know what's going on here.  This is an exposition thing, isn't it?  Where you drone on and on about the plot and the backstory and all that stuff.  Nobody wants to hear about that junk, Kood."


  • Demo was created by raocow with the aim of making an original protagonist for A Super Mario Thing in the vein of the VIP series' Boon. [1]




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