My second level for A2MBXT: Episode 2. It's basically a pretty fast autoscrolling desert level, inspired be the autoscrolling levels of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Likewise, it is also a test of memory and reflexes, similar to the levels in the games stated. Hope you all enjoy!

Difficulty: Medium-hard

Music: Rayman Origins - Land of the Livid Dead ~ Chasing a Dream

UPDATES: As of 11/27/14...

- Added power-ups to go with the level's length

- Changed certain aspects of the level to be more forgiving; also helps with the length

- Made the level raocow only, as he runs the fastest

- Added coin guides that may be useful to some people

As of 9/27/15...

- Removed all pitcher plants and most jumping plants

- Removed some Goopas to prevent spam

- Changed some of the layout to make the platforming easier

- Changed some background elements to reduce visual clutter

As of 9/28/15...

- Music is now in .ogg format

- Slight change in platforming to improve overall experience

As of 11/14/15...

- Extended tiles off screen so people can't fly over and/or under the level (including quicksand)

- Music file name is now exactly how it should appear with the music code

As of 11/15/15...

- Some platforming elements changed to improve overall experience

- Music metadata has been fixed

As of 11/29/15...

- Raocow-only filter added! Huzzah!

- Minor changes


Sorry, LouieJub, but I'm not approving this level either. This is another level that needs toning down. The autoscroll doesn't let up at all. Those pitcher plants and leaping plants need to be removed and the number of Goopas needs to be trimmed down, especially near the beginning and in that mass of platforms. - Ztarwuff 27/09/2015

I feel as if the autoscroll is too fast for what it is, and are too many ways where you can get stuck in the quicksand. Speaking of quicksand, please, extend your platforms/ceilings and quicksand 3 tiles offscreen; you're letting people fly over/under your level. Also, use a lunadll filter. A decent attempt, but needs a bit of work/toning down. Rejected. -SAJewers | 19:46 ADT, November 6, 2015 Updated thoughts

Approved by 8flight

Approved by Pyro

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