Approved by Pyro

Approved by SAJewers

  • The first ever lovefrog encountered in the level is entirely pointless. Any player that hesitates upon seeing that lovefrog dies instantly and will not be able to cover. Most players need to rush that bit, which begs the question, wouldn't it be just as easy to replace the love frog with spikes instead? And given the entire level seems to be spike orientated rather than desert-themed would it not be better to introduce the spikes there and have a coin arc over it?
  • To the right of the first orange shell, there's an area where the player could potentially wall glitch. Get rid of that one-block high gap. Granted, I've no idea why or how they'd do that, but you shouldn't give a player a chance to glitch the game.
  • I find it strange that a large number of powerups in this game are positioned in dangerous locations.
  • Spikes have a janky hitbox. In the very last stretch of the level where you have to jump on the blue Snifit robots, the second one is immediately next to a spike. I've often overshot slightly and ended up dying. Move that spike one block to the right.
The bare minimum amount of work that needs to be done for me to change my verdict is to do something about the underlined points.
Ztarwuff 16:25, December 25, 2015 (UTC)
APPROVED - All the major issues have been fixed in the newest revision - Ztarwuff 13:09, December 28, 2015 (UTC)

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