15 color switch combinations, 15 themes, 225 ways to complete the level. Developer's Commentary included.

  • Yellow only: mushroom with simple platforming.
  • Red only: fireflower and mild platforming with shortcuts if powered up.
  • Blue only: iceflower with near precision platorming if unpowered and multiple paths.
  • Green only: leaf with complex platforming, moreso without the leaf.
  • Yellow and Blue: Beach with pswitch shortcuts and slowing water if failure to platform with P-switches on.
  • Yellow and Red: Lava with mild platforming and skull raft and challenge.
  • Red and Green: Pipes with all plant lifes and hard platforming.
  • Yellow and Green: Cavern with spikes and a green shoe.
  • Blue and Green: Underwater with variety of waterlife as obstacles and block layer movement.
  • Red and Blue: a two-switch puzzle with platforming and throwing for the first half and timing for the second half.
  • Yellow, Red and Blue: Desert with hard platforming and all the dragon coins.
  • Yellow, Red and Green: a forest that is vertically going up with enemies and falling platforms.
  • Yellow, Blue and Green: a sewer that is vertically going down with waterfalls and fish life.
  • Red, Blue and Green: hard platforming with some combat against difficult enemies.
  • All: Very hard platforming with a boss.  Under Construction.

Version 0.90 now avaiable for testing: Download (Developer commentary on by default, not all available sections have it included yet, added the YBG and RBG sections)


External Music:

Fortune Street - Casino Slot:

Megaman 2 - Bubbleman Stage (spc arranged by' 'Jimmy52905)

SMW & SM3 Underground Remix

Pokemon Stadium - Elite Four Battle II

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