Level by Holy


Music from Terraria




Approved. Do make sure, that you filter any characters that connot beat this level. Willhart | 23.9.2015

Approved, but you need to filter Sheath out. It was beatable as raocow, but I couldn't make a jump in the vertical section (specifically, the cloud area with the shamans). Also, not sure if you intended this, but in the last water section (with the furbas) in section 2, you can jump over the wall. Otherwise,a fine level. -SAJewers | 19:43 ADT, September 25, 2015

This level isn't fun playing as anyone other than raocow. I understand that you want the 'drying' period to be 5 seconds. I really do, because there's one section in the level where what you've currently got is too long. However, the jumps you're asking me to do are extremely cramped. No matter which character I was playing as (this level is impossible with Sheath, by the way) I kept smashing into a block.

However, in the bit after the cloud section, it meant I kept jumping back into the ectoplasm to try again. And if I go far enough right, I end up with that ghost from the third ectoplasm pit following me everywhere and blocking my movements. And every character except raocow has an extremely slow turning speed that means I often don't have enough time.

In the second section, the first platform has a ceiling above it which I keep bumping into as Iris. From what I can see it's just there for aesthetic purposes. Could you remove a few blocks, please? Also the second ectoplasm pool in the second section has platforms that are arranged in such an infuriating way. I could not complete as Big Iris in that section because I kept banging my head against the platforms. It took me fifteen tries with Demo alone and that was because of her slow (relative to raocow) acceleration/turning speed.

The next ectoplasmic pool is the one where the 5 seconds is too much. I'm counting manually, but because I was so stresssed out from the previous pool, my counting is in complete disarray. Not to mention that with Kood, the sparkling animation doesn't stick so it's easy to think that the gimmick hasn't activated. Perhaps if there was some sound to suggest the gimmick was about to wear off?

The ParaFurba jumping also didn't work quite as well as it should have with Demo. With raocow and Kood, I had no problems, but with Demo, those things took their damned sweet time to respawn to the point where I either had to pull away at the last moment to avoid getting hit or got hit and died.

The joke was clever, but by the time I got to it, I just wasn't in the mood for laughing.

Summary: Rearrange blocks so players aren't constantly banging their heads against ceilings. The sparkles don't appear on Kood. Perhaps change the gimmick such that there's a noise that indicates the effect is about to run out? Filter out Sheath. Consider filtering out Iris.


- Ztarwuff 29/09/2015

Approved by Pyro

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