Nocturnal level with a custom tileset, based on platforming around jumping plants, Paragoopas and some snakes. It shouldn't be too hard, I guess.

The first half is a mostly straightforward grass level with some uneven terrain, the second half involves going left on the underside of some kind of floating peninsula thing. There's also a secret exit.

NOTES about characters, powerups and the like: I'm fine with Yoshi breaking a good chunk of the level including the secret exit, and I'm generally fine with players using shortcuts and the like by bringing stuff from the outside if they can't beat the level normally. (Sheath is filtered out due to a glitch, though.)

NOTES about world placement: the setting could be interpreted as a long stretch jutting out from the side of a mountain. The secret exit involves going upwards and reaching a small island in the sky: with a couple modifications this could be reworked as the entrance of a sky/cloud world/level block.


Not sure if the secret might be too hard to figure out. Other than that. I didn't see any real issues. Something to me feels off with this level, and I can't pinpoint it. See no reason to reject, so approving. -SAJewers | 17:59 ADT, June 29, 2013

The intended "path" would be: blue coins near the last pipe in the "uneven terrain" section => check that pipe thus finding a hint ("Luna's armpit near the midpoint" = the gap in the somewhat humanoid terrain near said midpoint), see other blue coins near a slope => throw a shell there, thus hitting the block containing the cat, remember the hint from before => check the "armpits", one of them uses the edited pipe graphic always shown in conjunction with plants before. Should I add some coins under the entrance to make it more obvious? Other suggestions?

Approved. I literally had nothing to say about this level that was in any way interesting. Having read SAJ comment though, I will say that I didn't find the secret exit difficult to find. So for me, no need to change anything there.

~Weston Smith (July 17/2013)

If you bring a Yoshi to the level you can most likely swallow a blue koopa and be able to fly over the level. Another thing I would fix is that section 2 has "level wrap" turned on, and that you can kill yourself by jumping right at the beginning. Lastly, the secret exit isn't so hard to find. Once you realize that you can enter the ground, it's fairly easy. But figuring what the 'armpit' of 'Luna' was is a tad vague as I didn't realize that this one chunk of land above the mid-point was Luna. I wouldn't put coins there, but maybe change the message that the blue koopa gives you, saying "above the mid-point" instead of "near the mid-point". You can also enter the secret exit with Iris without the cat power-up. But yeah, I would fix the level wrap and the secret exit message, after that this'll get my approval.

-sturgyman 5:37 PM 7/17/2013 (MDT)

I just noticed you fixed all that stuff, and everything seems to be in good shape. To the approved column!

-sturgyman 10:03 AM 7/31/2013 (MDT)

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