This is a level for A2XT Episode 2.

General Information

Entropy Engine is a pseudo-autoscrolling level. It's short; it runs a little over a minute. It's tricky because it doesn't tell you what direction it will scroll in and when, though I may add arrows to signal this if people think it's unfair.

The main things I need feedback on are difficulty, length, aesthetic (I'm not using any background pieces or coins, as I think they're unnecessary,) and just whether or not it's fun. It has no raocoins right now, nor any filters (I think it's beatable by anyone, though.) It's ostensibly mechanically-themed, though it's somewhat abstract and could probably go anywhere with enough justification.


Version 1.1- Slightly harder, removed noteblocks, changed some text in an easter egg.

Version 1.12- Changed the effect sprites for enemies touching the "lava," so the colors are correct now.


Can't approve this if I don't know where the music is from :/

Levl was fiine, though I would consider replacing the powerup with lua (if small, set to big).  Difficulty was fine outside going past the homing red para-goopas again. Also, you defeat some of the difficulty by staning on the pipes.

If you can post your music source, I'll approve this level. -SAJewers | 16:57 ADT, November 2, 2015

- Music is Wily 1 from Mega Man 8. I don't think it should be a problem in terms of Youtube, but if you judge otherwise a replacement could maybe be found. I'm hesitant to make any changes to difficulty at the moment since prior reviews were all over the place in terms of overall difficulty. I'm also fine with players stopping spawning by standing on pipes. -Sedron

Approved by Pyro

REJECTED - I still have an issue with the layer movement. Specifically the change in direction at the spike wall. If you make the layer decelerate before changing direction, that would be much better. Also, maybe think about adding a few coin trails at the more extreme changes. - Ztarwuff 13/11/2015

Approved by 8flight

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