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World List

Note: Levels in Italics contain two exits. See also: Episode 2 Submission List

Note: A good estimate is that each world should try and contain at least 30 Raocoins. This will make things easier to balance in towns - this may require inserting Raocoins into levels that did not previously have them.

Hub Town

Section Name Author(s) R L
P.O.R.T.S. Talkhaus

World 0: Tutorial Area Region Place Zone (Tutorial/Prologue)

Name Author(s) R L
The Adventure Begins (working title) Pyro
Claimed Enjl
Sheath Tutorial Level
Retroactive Reunion rockythechao

World 1: Autumnal Epoch (Hills/Grass)

Name Author(s) R L
Totally Trollied Mata Hari Y 1
Muffin Bluff MonkeyShrapnel Y 0
Frolic Mikkofier Y 1
A Day in the Life of raocow Imaynotbehere4long N 0
Let's go Backwards TacoRadical Y 0
a stroll through the forest Griflion Y 1
Resilient Nature Marcus_E-Bear/SAJewers Y 1
Demo vs. the Goopinati Pyro/rockythechao Y 0
Total 45 6

World 2: Glaciation Epoch (Snow)

Name Author(s) R L
Irradiated Ice 7NameSam N 0
Abode of the Bunnies MonkeyShrapnel Y 1
Mountian Descent SAJewers Y 1
Castle Climb During Wintertime Louiejub N 1
Towards the New World Hoeloe Y 0
Ice Block Drop Weston Smith Y 1
Peaceful Snowy Night Pyro Y 0
this level is canon raocow Y 0
Total 40 4

World 3: Permian Epoch (Desert & Temples/Pyramids)

3-1 (Temples/Pyramids)

Name Author(s) R L
Demo's Journey Through Time Hoeloe Y 1
Approaching The Sand Temple Raekuul Y 0
Cliffship Canyon Darkonius Makavar Y 1
Claimed Minnakht
Claimed Sturg
Dusty Grave (working title) SMCslevelengine/SAJewers/rockythechao
Total 15 2

3-2 (Desert)

Name Author(s) R L
Temple of Stupid Dusk209/SAJewers N 1
Desert Dash: Goopa Brigade! Louiejub N 1
Awesome Moonlight Oasis Vinesaw Pool Party FrozenQuills Y 1
Lynari Desert Mabel N 1
Desert Fun Awakenyourmind N 0
Shadow of the Erebus Holy/rockythechao Y 1
Total 10 5

World 4: Subterranean Epoch (Caves)

Name Author(s) R L
Obstacle Course In a Cave Mikkofier N 0
Ectoplasmania Holy N 0
Mangrove Cavern SpoonyBardOL Y 1
Bat An Eye Oddwraith N 1
Glum MrSecurity / SAJewers N 0
Hazy Maize Cave gameguy888 Y 1
Aquatic Grotto rockythechao Y 2
Ew, These Non-Newtonian Fluids are Orange! HenryRichard N 1
Overgrown Underground EntropyRogue/SAJewers/


N 1
Total 15 8

World 5: épopée aquatique (Water & Beach)

5-1 (Water)

Name Author(s) R L
Rocks sticking out of a lake raocow Y 1
Amazing Plumber Nightmare 64 ztarwuff Y 0
The Shrine Under the Sea Validon98 Y 1
Fish Fortress SAJewers N 1
Everyone Hates Ninjis FrozenQuills Y 1
Total 25 5

5-2 (Beach)

Name Author(s) R L
Bubble Trouble roundtheweel/SAJewers N 1
It is 5 AM Unaniem N 0
Sunrise Holy Y 1
Sea Turtle Sanctuary SpoonyBardOL Y 1
Starlight Resort: Grand Reopening Karatekid5 Y 1
Sea Side Slumber WestonSmith Y 1
Claimed Mabel
Total 20 6

World 6: Rapidly Changing Nonsense Text (Corrupted Spacetime))

Name Author(s) R L
Monoland Mikkofier Y 1
Shoe Zone 3 CastlePokeMetroid Y 1
Merano Holy N 2
Bog Standard arabsalmon N 1
ANMT Unaniem N 0
field of goopers 1 Pyro Y 0
Raocow's Workday Mikkofier N 0
qqqqqq Hoeloe N 2
The Ups and Downs of a Demo ztarwuff N 1
The "Fall" Of Demo PlatinumTriforce/SAJewers Y 1
Bellissimo Schloss del Mundo Chaotique ztarwuff/rockythechao Y 0
Total 25 9

World 7: Holocene Epoch (City & Factory)

7-1 (City)

Name Author(s) R L
Down Down Down To Mephisto's Cafe SAJewers N 1
Way Too Highrise Isireri N 1
Ann Brown and the Fountainhead Axon N 1
Hope Rides Alone Cadwyn/SAJewers N 0
What's about railways? Wohlstand Y 1
Total 10 5

7-2 (Factory)

Name Author(s) R L
Frozen Shell Factory Dusk209/SAJewers Y 1
LP Production Factory SAJewers N 0
Gravity Falls ztarwuff Y 0
Frightening Factory Darkonius Mavakar N 1
Industrial Pandemonium Axon N 1
Entropy Engine Sedron N 1
Claimed Hoeloe/Wasabi
Total 10 4

World 8: Ethereal Epoch (Sky/Athletic World)

Name Author(s) R L
Hillside Romp zmonbobbo / WestonSmith Y 1
FaceBlock Bound SpoonyBardOL Y 1
Soaring Sawmill FrozenQuills Y 1
Panic Attack in High Altitude Axon N 0
Sky Block Castle cramps-man Y 1
Rainbow Raft Ride CyberSymphonics Y 1
Night Light Fright WestonSmith N 1
Flip Block Skyway cramps-man Y 0
The Ninji Gravity Machinery Store lucasadrianogb N 1
Side Crawler's Climb SAJewers Y 0
R.E.B.O.O.T. Talkhaus
Inner R.E.T.C.O.N. Enjl
Total 40 8

World 9: Zebraspace

Name Author(s) R L
The Descent of Nine Hoeloe Y 1
Hakugyokurou kitikami N 0
Super Cyclops Girl Pyro Y 1
Claustrophobia Unaniem N 1
Muwha Awakenyourmind N 1
Break the Needle Cyclops 128-Up N 1
SKULLDUGGERY Friendly Dictator N 1
DAMNage and Damnation XutaWoo/Pyo Y 0
Final Level Talkhaus
Total 15 7