All end-of-world bosses in Episode 2 will share unified interface elements, including intro subtitles and a health bar, with the final and postgame bosses featuring variants of those elements for effect. Most if not all bosses should feature original music composed specifically for their battle and voice clips.


Work-in progress preview of boss UI elements

Boss List

Name (World) Dev Graphics Music Other Info and Resources


Pyro Edge of the Night
Brisket and Alabasta


Pyro/WasabiJellyfish Forza Del Bataljon
Uncle Broadsword


Rockythechao AnimatX sheet Boisterous Savant of the Worldly Blade
Ultimate Pandamona


Rockythechao AnimatX sheet Wrath of the Box Goddess
Uncle @sbestos


SAJewers/Rockythechao Inflationary Adversary


Uncle Denmark


Mabel Denmark's Dance-Off
Uncle Broadsword


Rockythechao Remorseful Savant of the Desperate Blade
Raobot Master


Uncle Rewind


WasabiJellyfish Reversal
Uncle Pumpernickel (W8) Hoeloe Entropy Elemental
True Pumpernickel (R.E.T.C.O.N.) Hoeloe Au Revoir, Mes Anges, Au Revoir Overdrive


Rednaxela Piano Concerto in D Minor Op 1 "Reality Concerto"