This page details the collectible items and rewards in Episode 2 (still under construction)


A2XT Episode 2 will feature a greater number of collectible items than previous games in the ASMT series. Most of them tie into optional content or contribute to 100% completion and can be found in chests, given as rewards for minigames and sidequests or obtained through other accomplishments. All non-renewable collectibles are tracked through the leek sanctuaries.



The ASMT equivalent of Power Stars. Collecting enough leeks will allow the player to open certain doors leading to bonus content like the dev room, chests with raocoins or powerups, and custom cheat codes for the game.

Super Leeks

Giant leeks obtained at the end of most castle levels. Like in Episode 1 the Super Leeks are a driving factor of the plot, being sought by both the krew and the Uncles to fuel their respective machines. They are otherwise functionally no different from regular leeks.


The ASMT equivalent of dragon coins. In Episode 2 they are used as the primary currency, allowing the player to buy access to powerup generators and costumes. In addition to collecting them in levels, raocoins can also be found in chests and rewarded from playing minigames or finishing sidequests.


The ASMT equivalent of lives. Like in previous ASMT games Food is gained from collecting green radishes and lost upon death. In Episode 2, however, the player does not Game Over upon reaching 0 food but merely goes into Food debt. A black market merchant NPC in each town uses Food as a currency, accepting 10 units of Food in exchange for a random powerup; if the player has a negative Food count, however, the merchant will refuse to do business with them.


Alternate graphics packs for each member of the krew. Most towns feature a costume shop in which the player can purchase costumes and change the costume of the character they are currently playing as. Costumes can also be rewarded from minigames and sidequests.

Collectible Cards

Collectible cards featuring different characters from Episode 2 and previous ASMT titles. Each card has some flavor text about the character depicted which can be read from a card collection menu accessible in leek sanctuaries. The cards can be found in chests, obtained as sidequest and minigame rewards, and won by defeating bosses without taking damage.



Calleoca's mysterious pet penguins. They are NPCs spread throughout the various towns of the game, with one in each of the game's 9 world and and a 10th somewhere in the P.O.R.T.(S.) Some can be obtained by simply finding them tucked away in a secret part of the town while others need to be caught or lured out of their hiding spot. After collecting a Peng, that Peng can be found inside the Grand Archive and collecting all of them will unlock the back door of the Archive.

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