An Iris only level by KingTwelveSixteen about going upwards.

It has one exit in the form of a ticker-tape thing.

Judging MkII

This level needs work. I cannot accept it on its current condition.

lvl file should be outside of lvl folder, remember to make sure that the music works afterwards.

  • The door next to the tea party does not lead anywhere. Player might go there and get stuck due to killing th Parakoopa on the way. You could
  • make the door lead to the ledge above. The dragon coin there looks like impossible to get to.
  • The mountain with two springboards, the second jump to the clouds is just a little too high for Iris. Player will think they are stuck. Place more clouds to make this jump more possible.
  • Lower the pipe for the ninji stacking pipe by one to make it less tedious.
  • The one jump on the sky airship part with two toads is too high too. The one where you try to get to cloud layer.
  • The custom graphics like the sky background and the cofe cup are missing from the dl link, or nor working. This might have been an old version of the level on the wiki.


Rejected by 8flight

REJECTED - Level file should be outside of level folder. I can sum up every single objection I have to this level ine one sentence: The player is being asked to do pixel perfect jumping.

Those first two pencils require some very weird button presses from the player in order to clear them. Then that's followed by cramped Goopa jumping over spikes, where it's almost way too easy to headfirst into a spike. Also, why is that even necessary? Donut jumping is just as good. Also, that tea party is really misleading. The moment I got there, I had to kill myself because I'd killed the goopa that would have enabled me to progress.

Section 3: the bullet jump is stupidly difficult. More often than not, the player will accidentally kill it before they even make the first jump. The two springboard jump also seems impossible. I have no idea how you're supposed to do that. The inside of the ship feels like filler to make the level longer. The item stacking and homing paragoopa bouncing is tedious.

I'm also not a big fan of the bombs attacking the ship. I nearly died there for what? A joke. Seriously, those bombs came out of nowhere. I was just lucky I didn't get hit.

The level needs rehauling to make the jumps for forgiving.

Ztarwuff 21:40, November 20, 2015 (UTC)

Judging Ep1

I'm not sure on this one. I still do not like the jumping on bombs bit, and the inside of the ship sections still feel like artificial padding, and an excuse to make the level longer. Also, the flying Goopa in Section 2 at the very least needs to be generated.

It's hard to make a decision othis one. I'll wait for anothe judge, SAJewers (talk) 19:15, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

Voting Rejected. -SAJewers | 22:25 ADT, September 11, 2013 01:25, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

There were some pretty weird design choices I found in this level. Some of them are alright, while some however could be due with some fixing up.

  • Section 2 has some pretty difficult jumps, probably the hardest part in the level. I mean, you can keep it, but it kind of doesn't suit well with the rest of the level.
  • It's a tad hard to gain enough inertia on that one bullet jump in section 3.
  • It's pretty vague how you're supposed to reach the pipe to the midpoint. I thought at first I was supposed to grab a bomb and use it as a step-ladder for the springboard, but it can be easily reached if you toss the spingboard into the air and then jump on it.
  •  I kind of agree with SAJewers in that the airship porions are kind of just there. They really seem to break the flow of the level and deem more puzzle-like than action-like.
  • What happens if all the red goopas are used up in section 8? Is there a way up there without them?
  • The Bomb jump segment in section 8 is kind of stupid. Do something else there.

That's it really. I actually wouldn't mind if you had the rest of the level as difficult as the 2nd section, it could easily go to a late game world. Nice job with the lack of spelling errors by the way.

Approved with some changes.

-sturgyman 6:42 PM 8/16/2013 (MDT)

12 minutes in I really hate the first half of this level. It is much more boring, and difficult than the 2nd half. I won't approve it with out major changes to the first half. The bomb jumping also needs to go, as well as the tight run and fly section. There's so much wrong with this that I would rather just reject this unless most of the level was scraped or redesigned. -rejected Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 22:46, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

MAke the first part of the less level stressfull.  Also I don't like the part with the blue goopas. Approved with changes -8flight

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