A really silly level involving one of the siblings (and Calleoca is just there to explain things I guess). First half is an underwater unusual autoscroller, second half is pure exploration for coins on land reminiscent of Welcoming Season but with a twist.


Credits to Trotim for the flowers/birds, Valtteri for the background and original SMB1 extended tilesets, Demolition for the siblings. I did the rest + recolors.


12/3/2015 - Massively changed design of first half; no longer a shooter, mostly just try to dodge everything with the bonus of getting a billy gun. Ninji is slowed down, enemies are less obnoxious (hopefully). Also added an extra very difficult challenge of getting all 4 switches during the autoscroller with prizes. Fixed a few bugs in the second half.

12/3/2015 #2 - Made first half a bit easier, removed bunny generator in second half and replaced with better indicator of passage, switches now disappear when hit.

12/4/2015 - Decorated the underwater section, made the "fish pile" look a ton better, fixed bug where ninji can somehow get stuck, altered an obstacle.

12/6/2015 - Made jumps in second half less awkward, reduced clutter in first part and added minor details.

12/10/2015 - Made billy gun more accessible, made a switch slightly easier to hit.

1/1/2016 - Changed music in the first half.


Approved by Hoeloe

APPROVED - WestonSmith (December 05 2015)

APPROVED - I really appreciate that you made the background darker. Demo really stands out. I had much less difficulties seeing where I was than in other levels, which makes me wonder whether we should darken all the blue backgrounds in the default package. Also, I understand that you wanted the switch run to be extra difficult, but it's difficulty is over the top compared to the rest of the level. Consider rearranging the switch positions or at the very least make the Billy Gun stand out more by marking it somehow. Ztarwuff 21:30, December 10, 2015 (UTC)

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