This level includes stone blocks. Probably on the hard side.



I found this level really frustrating. Almost all my deaths were cheap deaths: being pushed off the T platform for no reason, getting hurt by simply walking in to an npc stone block (this was especially prevalent with the firebars), not seeing the thwomps at all (seriously, I never saw any of them, and kept getting hurt by every one). I almost want to reject it based on the fact I kept randomly getting hurt/dying, but the level otherwise is good. It's something you should definitely try to address though. At the very least, change the colour of both the thwomps and the bananasnake hammers, and add a powerup to the first checkpoint. Also, you shouldn't need the level_libs folder, since those libraries are in the base game. Note that I tested the first frew screens as Sheath, then switch to kood for the rest of the level. -SAJewers | 20:11 ADT, October 29, 2015

Rejected by duvi0 on a twitch stream

Rejected by 8flight

Rejected - FrozenQuills

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