I figured, since I made this a Raocow only level, I should make it a bit more Raocow-y.


- changed background images

- added custom music

- added a few more enemies

- removed p-switch from water section

- added spike posts at level end

- fixed spelling errors

- added Raocow filter to midpoint

- changed blocks in secret path

- changed final obstical in secret path

- replaced water in secret path with donut blocks

- added donut blocks to ends of vines in secret path

- made location of invisible block for secret path a bit more obvious

- added another NPC to give another kinda-sorta hint towards secret exit


My first ever SMBX level, a tricky lava/underwater obstacle course.

- Level Design: UberUtsi

- 5 Raocoins

- 2 exits (one star and one SMB3 roulette)

- Music: Raocow - I Love This and Raocow - Awesome Idiot

- Graphics: cave background -

Download Link


I approve only with changes. Very easy/very short level.  Your level file and folder should not have spaces I believe.  You didn't set up your custom music right so it won't play.


The first part is honestly OK. However, the swimming section I don't really like. The music is way out of place, and everything just feels random. The secret isn't any better as well. The background and song do not fit at all, and there is a lot of clash and cutoff. Ultimately rejecting. -SAJewers | 09:50 ADT, July 21, 2013

Meh, there were a lot of issues I would really try to fix in this level:

  • Custom music doesn't work in the areas that it's supposed to be played in.
  • Cave background is pretty jittery, there's like one frame in which it's out of place.
  • 1st section is kind of short and boring really.
  • 4th section is pretty random as SAJewers said. Lots of enemy spam and random placement. I really liked the part with the pirahna plants though, if you could make it with just that in mind, it'd be great.
  • You can fall off the ledge when you get the secret star and die.
  • I'm not sure, but I think the file name might be wrong.

At the moment, I'm rejecting the level at the moment for some major issues that really need fixing.

-sturgyman 7:05 PM 8/16/2013 (MDT)

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