Unaniem made a town.

He then burned said town to the ground.

Then some other people rebuild the town and they called it Fahren because it's related to temperature.

It's also in World 4. (!!!)


15-01-14: [Shuffle shuffle shuffle]: Fahren

17-01-14: Furba sidequest pending: Fahren Classic


Not much of significance to say about Fahren, it's your typical town with wacky townsfolk, nudges to different levels that appear in the same world, a shop, a place to look at the Leeks you collected, and, which could be seen by some people as significant, a little side-quest which can earn you a Leek.

Said side-quest may take a while, but luckily, the only way too die in Fahren (and since dying is the only way to reset the stage aside from just walking off the screen) is if you play unresponsively with gunpowder. "This is a platformer, not a RPG."

There might be a hiccup in there regarding the plot of the Episode as a whole, please inform me of it is that is the case so it can be fixed!

Important Notes

The town is located in a snowy, mountainous field. (Is that a contradiction?)

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