Level by Holy

January 13, 2014 - The most up to date version is here.

Made some obstacles significantly easier.

Fixed the sheath filters a bit.

Now includes a second sheath filter at the midpoint and the first jump which I forgot to make slightly more manageable is slightly more manageable.


? orb


Music - Greenhouse from Hotwheels Stunt Track Driver


Approved by me. Didn't see anything wrong with it. Great level. -Willhart

Approved with Changes. I'm admit that maybe its just my shoddy playing, but I found two sections of this level very frustrating. The first one isn't as bad I as I make it out to be, but the section with the shell kicking seems WAY too strict. Anyone else have this much trouble? - WestonSmith (July 13/2013)

Awesome, thanks! I don't think the jumps after the midpoint are strict, but I definitely need to make it more clear where you need to jump to do them. - Holy

Okay, hopefully fixed: here. I also added a secret sheath filter after king's comments on the video. -Holy

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