A short level about exploring some mystical floating rocks and waterfalls. A secret cave within a chunk of floating land hides a spookier side of this blissful landscape.



Music: Tales of Symphonia - Zelos, Kingdom Hearts - Never Land Sky (slightly slowed down to beat match the clouds)


A couple dragons coins are a 1 try only "koopa" jump for extra challenge if you care to collect all dragon coins.

Some minor shortcuts are available with less common characters and powerups, if the player wants to go through the trouble that's fine.


Revision 1: Uploaded June 14

  • Fixed broken exits.

Revision 2: Uploaded June 17

  • Changed secret exit to keyhole.
  • added some bonus hidden things.
  • Changed all music to suit a happier theme.
  • New enemies and added some level character.

Revision 3: Uploaded June 30

  • Fixed cave entrance to be able to leave as well.
  • Changed the position of 1 paralars that was more annoying than intended.
  • Tweaked the tiles a little bit around to keyhole for aesthetic reasons.

Revision 4: Uploaded July 10

  • Removed spaces from files.

Revision 5: Uploaded July 11

  • Added more coin trails.
  • Piranha plant graphic edit so players can see where they are. 


It's entirely possible to throw the key into a pit, meaning you're stuck unless you kill yourself. Other than that, it seems ok. -SAJewers | 13:11 ADT, June 29, 2013 [Tayeu: I made it possible to exit the cave back to the main level. I don't feel that the key needs to be on a generator, it is pretty easy and close to the start of the level as is. I agree that the player should never be forced to kill themself through, even if it ends up being the easiest way to restart. ]

I approve.  Easy level.  I'm not sure if you should have a space in your level file name and folder name.

-Lv27MarkerMMan  [Tayeu: I'm not sure of the space either. I looked around and couldn't find a definitive answer. If someone tells me it can't have a space I'll fix it right away.]' [Cjn14: I was told to have no spaces in the file name, if that helps.]' [Tayeu: Took the spaces out]

Shaman wanted it in ASMBXT to have no spaces or underscored. I presonally don't care as long as SMBX doesn't care, though perferably, have no spaces. -SAJewers | 23:41 ADT, July 9, 2013 [Tayeu: Took the spaces out.]

Pretty simplistic level, with one slight design flaw. There's a bit of a blind jumo where the fourth dragon coin is, I died there once accidentally. Maybe put some coins there for indication? Also it's kind of annoying how pirahna plants pop out of the ground where the player can't see them, but that's not that big of a problem. Other than that, this level gets an approval rating by me.  [Tayeu: I added some more coin trails for clarity. Edited the piranha plant graphics so they leave their leaves behind as a clue.]

-sturgyman 6:58 PM 7/11/2013 (MDT)

Actually, don't worry about fixing the jump thing, I did it for ya. [Tayeu: I already started working on my fix before you posted this, but it helped point out where you were talking about.]


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