It's a level.


Author-Darkonius64, aka Darkonius Mavakar.

Themes-it's a bob-omb factory.

Exit-it's a smb3 leek exit.

secretexit-there is none

leeks-one (1)


Music-Frantic Factory and boss


Level info:

it's a factory level where the player must press a switch to power the factory up, the enemies change depending on the factory, if the power is up, sparks will appear, if not, Helmet Bros will. the boss is Dumb Drum, he's pretty easy actually.


this level is obviously ment to be played with the A2MBXT smbx launcher, even though i made th level with SMBX, but there are no issues with that version. i placed the music and the level inside the folder.

BUGS: Music not playng in the boss fight (FIXED)

2 leek bug (FIXED)

Boss not spawning fireballs (FIXED)

music not stopping upon defeating the boss (FIXED)

Fixed level 23|12|2014

11/11/2015 Fixed issues that were not mentioned by the other level judges, it should be all fine now

17/11/2015 removed section 4's pillar fixed music(?)


This level didn't even follow the guidelines. wrong folder structure, and you didn't even list your music sources. Rejecting on that alone, notwithstanding the fact Sheath is not even filtered out, when it's clear the level wasn't even designed for Sheath. I could also go on about the boss, but at the very least, cut out the drawn out cutscene for the boss when replaying from the midpoint. -SAJewers | 20:53 ADT, October 29, 2015

REJECTED - You didn't edit the link on the front page so I ended up reviewing the wrong copy. However, upon reviewing the old copy, (I did also review the new copy too). I frankly can't see what SAJewers is talking about in regards to Sheath. The only reason Sheath should be filtered out is because you used one of Sheath's collectible graphics for the fire. If you had made the Sonic Ring the fire graphic, this level could be played as Sheath. There is only one problem I have and that's trying to pass the first downward pillar in Section 4. Yes, as slower characters, it's rather difficult to pass that without dying as Iris or getting hurt as Kood. Think about the height of the platforms there. Do you really need those coin blocks below the pillar - given that it's obvious to every player that they don't contain anything other than coins? Could that bit not be redesigned so that the space between the pillar and the conveyor belt gives slower characters the chance to go through? Also, I think the boss takes too many hits to be fun. Reduce the number of hits it takes. Also, the music links are broken. Ztarwuff 11:28, November 14, 2015 (UTC)

Reviewed revision of 17/11/2015. Accept level with one minor caveat: an error message flagged up when I hit the boss switch. Screenshot to the right. Somebody who knows LunaLua should look into it. Ztarwuff 16:12, November 22, 2015 (UTC)

Approved by Pyro

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