This is a level with one exit and two leeks. Demo and Iris are the only playable characters allowed. It takes place both in a Toad House area and outside it.


Three things:

  • You can lose the key in the lava, making you stuck.
  • Toad by the lava says "my", should be "me"
  • Frankly, those Toad Koopa graphics suck. Look into having someone make them better for you.

Other than that, it seems ok, though I didn't check the difficulty. -SAJewers | 17:24 ADT, June 23, 2013

As of July 1st, all three of these issues have been fixed.

I approve.  An easy level.  I didn't see a problem with this level.  The stacking is useless since you can enter doors in midair.


Neat enemy Toad graphics guy. The level itself was pretty enjoyable, although the secret exit is kind of hard to notice on the 1st two run-throughs since it's blocked by the SMBX hud (which is hilarious btw). The corridor that contains the secret exit is kind of the hardest part of level since the platforming is really tight and with the addition of the roto-disk kind of rushes the player into hurting themselves. However, there are plenty of power-ups that you don't really need to worry about getting hurt. There wasn't anything really wrong with the level, just some things I noticed that might be down-played by other players. If you want to fix them then that's fine,  but I'll approve this level anyway.

-sturgyman 8:03 AM 9/9/2013 (MDT)

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