The nefarious Garish has gathered his ranks and is leading the great goopa rebellion, the world is now a desolate wasteland, but what's this? a lone survivors stands up against it and stuff

Sum Up

So this is one of the Hammer bros. esc sibling battles for episode one, Garish rides on his flying machine while his troups do all the work, throw shells at him for fun, all sprites are custom stuff and edits except his hat which I can not recall the source of so there. The song is 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' wich I've cropped down and sped up with audacity.

Here is the source

If we do towns then there should be some reference relating him to Jason mcain and the communists

8fllight - You can freeze the enemies near the generator so the generators don't spawn anything for the rest of the battle and it nullifies the entire difficulty of the level.

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