An autoscrolling level in which the player must weave their way through an oncoming horde of catfish. Takes place on a series of islands in the ocean but can be modified to work as as a different setting (the SMB2 Trees BG + a few tweaks to the parallax water code makes a good jungle river) and will be changed to fit in any world if necessary.


This is the first of a proposed set of levels to be used for out-of-town sidequests in Episode 2, with the remaining ones to be made after their respective sidequests have been decided upon. (This level currently has no sidequest content but can be changed to include it, whether via replacing the raocoins or through other means.) If that proposal ends up not being approved, this level can be modified and used to fill a remaining slot in Ep. 2 or kept in reserve for a future A2XT episode or other talkhaus project.

Judging (Ep. 2)

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