Rejected - Video Review

I liked the gimmick, but so many level design decisions made it horrible. Firstly, the gimmick is not that well demonstrated. Going left down a hallway away from a goal would have worked. The gimmick also seemed to mess up a lot during the boss fight as the Player Character is given random commands.

The level design starts off quite good until you get to the blue door puzzle which as far as I can tell, relies on precise movement and arbitrary decisions. I have not been able to get the door to appear and be accessible at the same time. Some things do not appears consistently and that would be considered a game breaking bug. There is apparently a lot more you want the player to go through in one play-through.

I don't know why you force the midpoint either since it doesn't do anything. There's so much going on in this level that makes no sense. ---Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 21:11, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

This level makes no sense to me.-SAJewers | 23:28 ADT, July 14, 2013

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