This is a level that is hard. It should be put at post game because it is a very hard level. The level included platforms that move like Boos.


I reject.  A very hard level.  There is a lot wrong with this level.  First your music isn't set up right.  Being hard isn't a bad thing, but having to do a hard level TWICE is overkill.  Also it is easy to die or get stuck in dumb ways by the platforms.  Sheath and Kood can't get the normal exit because they can't spin jump.  I'm actually okay with the first room, except for a few things.  I do not like the roto-discs.  They are positioned in a way that makes it hard to get back on the boo ride.  It would probably be timable if there wasn't a donut shooter nearby.  The alignment of the spikes is also just right that you can't go completely under the roto-discs.  If the platform picks you up off the floor something weird happens (it isn't the same thing everytime but it usually kills you).  I don't like the second room.  You go through the entire first room and get little practice for it when it will most likely kill you.  It's bad that sometimes the boo moves faster than the player, because the boo can hurt you.  Sheath was really good in the midpoint room part because she can bounce on spikes.  My main beef with the midpoint room is that the thwomp rides the platform when it lands on it.  I didn't beat the level, because I got to the end with Sheath.


While the idea is pretty creative, it's just too difficult and glitchy for a lot of players to be able to deal with. If I were it change the level, I'd get rid of the rotodisks from section 1, get rid of the MDPZ gimmick in section 2 since you can easily tank it, tone down the difficulty of the second half as well as the secret exit (it'd probably be better if there wasn't a secret exit), and finally change all the ghosts to friendly, since it's kind of hard to contol the platforms when they are able to still hurt you.

Reduce the difficulty, otherwise rejected. 

-sturgyman 9:18 AM 9/17/2013 (MDT)

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