A relatively short and easy romp through "Goo's Gym", the most popular athletic franchise in the Demoverse!


  • This level is still awaiting review, and I should probably put up a screenshot. But I did make some revisions since the last version (which was named "Athletic Ghost House")
  • I think this level is easiest with Iris. Most testing was done with Demo, but Kood and Raocow got through it pretty handily. Sheath can also complete the level, but it'll probably be more difficult.
  • No secrets, just a linear path. Be sure to read all signs for maximum entertainment value.
  • I arranged the music for the second half of this level - it's a mashup of the "Athletic" and "Ghost House" themes from Super Mario World (originally by Koji Kondo) with electronic dance music elements.


Second half of the level the Disco Dan is a bit annoying if playing as Sheath. Otherwise, it's alright, I guess. Nothing special. Pretty easy. Graphics aren't consistent, but that's about it. Also, a few blocks need to be added to the left of the screen so the power up the disco Dan is guarding doesn't disappear off the screen. - Ztarwuff 27/09/2015

This music doesn't fit at all. The level feels way too short and unfocused. Rejecting. -SAJewers | 21:05 ADT, October 29, 2015

Rejected by Pyro

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