Grandfather Wind is one of the four Elder space demons. He will likely serve as the main antagonist of Episode 3.


Grandfather Wind is one of the first known generation of space demons, having existed eons before the Uncles came into being.

Being unable to tolerate the existence of happiness, even his own, Wind concocted a scheme to freeze himself and the world in stasis; to ensure he would not experience joy from the certainty of his success, he gave his plan a 50% success rate. It is currently unknown whether he attempted this plan and failed or whether he remains hidden from the outside world to this day, still working to set his plan in motion.


A thoroughly evil soul, Wind is disgusted by the concept of joy to the point of dedicating his to wiping any and all joy from existence. He takes pleasure in causing pain and suffering, a paradox which upsets him.


While the exact nature of all his powers is currently unknown, he is no doubt immensely powerful; through as-of-yet unknown means, he is capable of freezing himself in stasis with a 50% chance of freezing the rest of the world.







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